Why Gratitude is the Magic Elixir of Life

What will happen, if we put gratitude first? Miracles. Yes, we could be grateful for things even they are still not happening and need to attract them into our life. Expressing gratitude is one of the secrets for happier living because it turns our mind to what we have into enough. Countless studies have proven the amazing effect when we focus on feelings of gratitude - we can shift our mindset. Being tuned to the frequency of gratitude, we can positively change our health and personal life. It is not the joy that makes us grateful - it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

When we do not just say: "thanks" or "thank you", but underpinned with a dose of mindful feeling we relate better to us and others. If we practice mindful exercise of gratitude every day, truly from our heart, we are automatically focused on the positive side of our living. New research has explored how writing a letter of gratitude every day will improve our mental health. When we write how grateful, we are to someone other or circumstances and how much other people blessed our life, we shift our attention away from toxic emotions, such as resentment and envy. By starting your day with a 2-minute practice of gratitude is the main key to your positive mindset, which will bring you more positivity in your life.

If you are thankful and write a letter with kind words to someone every day, your communication will be better and stable. This act of appreciation for other personal qualities will change their attitude and bring back the same feeling to us. If people realize we copy each other and mirror our behaviors, and this is one of the steps to a conscious and positive mind. Even you can have a better outcome of any life situation with a person, if you put your gratitude first, no matter how it looks outside.

While taking the time to write your gratitude letter, there are many psychological benefits. In addition, many mental health professionals reveal the results in our human mind after a 21-days practice of gratitude. During this period our brain and neural paths are changed and linked to goodness and cultivate happiness.

When people are at a stage of a big turn in their personal life, mostly they need to focus on the positive side instead of pursuing things which are unnecessary or do not have. In this way, it will cultivate a sense of comfort and security which can open the right direction through their successful personal growth. In addition, our appreciation builds a kind character which is the pearl of wider wisdom and chain to happiness.
Every one of us can start your day with: I am grateful for... so to open your heart and receive more.