How Forgiveness Rewires Your Brain

Do you know a simple act of forgiveness can change your brain state? Scientifically it was proven our human brain needs time to build its new neural paths and delete the old hurts. In fact, subconsciously it takes around three-six months to process and complete the harmony from this important for our health condition. It involves a unique psychological change to both the brain and the immune system.

If you practice forgiveness for 2-3 minutes every day, you will bring the change in your life, which you need. By releasing old negative feelings, we can rewire our mind and heal everyone in the situation who deserves peace. In this way, we are nice and mentally kind not only to others but to our mind. When we cut the habit of sadness, resentment, and hurt we open the new page of our happy life.

What happens to the mind and body? Our mental and physical being achieves its balance.
  • We become more rational and develop our empathic thinking. The frontal cortex of our brain is able to process complex emotions of both yourself and others. This allows seeing things from other points of view and find different solutions. Empathy is one of the highest intelligence which we need to learn and grow in our personal development. 
  • Wholeness and integrity. Our frontal cortex is the morality center of the brain, which allows us to be the bigger person. In a way, forgiveness is an irrational reaction leading to use and store our wisdom. Being completely free and forget about past situations we can live in the present and be happy. 
  • Boost your good mood and happiness. It was proven, those who are able to forgive produce more dopamine - the chemical associated with the good mood and happy mind. As a result, this makes us more optimistic - positive and have higher physical endurance in the long run. 
  • Release physical pain.  One scientific research says that forgiveness is one of the natural ways which the human body uses to heal itself and alleviate suffering. Mainly those who forgive and can forget the hurt do not store in the body old negative emotions and they vastly improve their health.
  • Access altered states of the brain. These are the higher states of mind - beta, gamma and theta levels of frequency, which give access to a different view of reality and allow achieving our goals. Being in a higher brain frequency we can achieve everything.
Some people need months to forgive, other just a day. Whether to forgive someone other or yourself for a wrong decision, we can do it every moment in our mind. If every night we end the day with the practice of forgiveness in 2-3 minutes, we make the habit to clean all gathered negative emotions during the last hours and live a happy and free life.