5 Amazing Benefits of Foot Bath with Salt

Do you know when you combine water and salt, you unlock the greatest energy cleanser power in your body? By using this magical mix in your footbath you can change your energy and health condition in about 20 minutes. It is simple to prepare and helps to feel tuned with your mind and body completely again. If you feel lethargic, negative feelings, depressed or overloaded by people and work, even to push away negative circumstances of your life, you really need this amazing natural aid.

Only a handful of sea salt and a tube of warm water is enough to clean your energy field so to raise your mind and body vibes. What are the benefits of making sea salt water for your feet?

1. Cleansing. This is what we need in our energy polluted world. Being influenced by technology or other people's energy, recently our human body energy needs cleansing much more than before. When you clean your body with good intention, you can load the water and the energy to flow easily. If we keep our body energy clear, we will be able to prevent certain illnesses and have better health. In addition, our human DNA will keep its information for a longer time, which is necessary for our longevity.

2. Mindfulness. One of the main benefits of this powerful mixture is to connect your mind, body, and soul like no other substance. While soaking our feet in the warm salted liquid, we connect with two important elements which have a grounding effect on our mental and physical being. That's why, if you need to switch off from all your routines and have a so good feeling take your 20 minutes at the end of the day.

3. Stress relief and relaxation. Salted warm water could relax your mind and body while helps the nervous system to reduce the daily stress. Our feet are our energy conductors which hold many energy points. When we take out our shoes after working time, our swollen feet are in need of relaxation and recharging. Let your feet to relax in the pleasant water and leave all your stressful thoughts in the water. 

4. Detoxification. Do we need foot detox? Of course, yes. This is our foot spa procedure which easily removes the toxins of the body. While soaking our feet in the salted water, our body obtains water and minerals but eliminate heavy metals and old skin. In addition, our feet odor will be improved.

5. Better sleep. Most of us need to improve this important for the body time. Foot bathing is the easiest way to feel security, warmth, and tranquility before going to sleep. When physically and mentally we are tired, we need a deep sleep, which we can improve because of the water relaxing effect on our feet.