4 Best Herbs To Raise Your Mood

Many years ago, the biggest part of people have worked outside, but these days only ten percent do. As a result, being influenced by technological change, our modern society often suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD, which affects sixty-five percent of those who work inside. And the main reason for this mood disorder is the lower dose of sunlight which people receive. From October till March our body could suffer from insomnia, low body energy, depressions, and anxiety.

What can we do so to protect and adjust our mind and body to winter season? Luckily, we have many ways to boost our immune system and have a better mood. In the last researches, it was proven our good mood and positive attitude depends on the level of our hormones of happiness. And there are many herbs which have a great impact on these chemical substances which determine our happiness.

Melissa - Lemon balm
It is known lemon balm was the favorite herb of goddess Diana, who used it as a medical aid. In recent days, evidently, this herb still is in use for improving the health of our mind and body. It has a sedative and relaxing effect which reduces anxiety and stress while clear the mind and increase the ability of concentration. With its pleasant lemon taste, it is mostly preferred by women.

Often used as a spice this is the herb which has a purifying effect for the mental and physical body. It is mostly used to regulate Thyroid functions and boost the hormones of happiness while helps the body to prevent the oxidative stress. It has a great impact on the brain condition and its ability to learn, remember, and concentrate.

Linden Blossom
With one of the sweetest smell, Linden tea is increasingly popular as a natural aid which soothes different types of anxiety disorders. Thanks to its rich content of flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins in recent years it has been used to heal phobias, obsessive compulsions, insomnia, and panic attacks. In addition, it is an excellent aid against respiratory infections, asthma, and bronchitis. This natural remedy is appropriate for every age.

This is one of the most exotic spices and herb in the world, produced by Saffron Crocus Flower. Its dried stigmas are effectively used in medications for mild-to-moderate depressions. In addition, it is also used to improve the memory, hormonal condition while has an anti-cancer ability. If you add to your tea or hot milk at night, it can help to reduce asthma attacks and insomnia too. Saffron herb contains rare antioxidants and carotenoids which are appropriate for different ages, but not for pregnant women.

We can choose and rely on every herb to improve our mood. Certainly, all of them has a healing power which we should use properly not more than three months.