What Does Your Voice Say About You

Do you listen to your voice? Every person has a unique sounding which influences you in a different way. Just as a drop of our blood, our voice could reveal most individual features which every one of us brings as a special sound expression. This is our voice code. It means every single tone of a personal voice can open the door to the character, emotions, and feelings as a wave of sounds in the communication. It is scientifically proven all emotions, feelings and health conditions can determine our voice presence.

Our voice is the telling barometer of how we feel about our own self and how we feel the world around us. Also, it is the main thing which we used to influence other people and space. If we know about the invisible string which holds our most intimate thoughts and feelings, we will be able to learn how to express our true good self.

Because of the connection to the parts of our human brain, our voice is inseparably linked to emotions, which makes easy to catch every emotional change within us and someone else. Being aware of the main key to every emotion, we can recognize them if we listen carefully to it. Whether we are stressed or depressed we sound differently, and we could release these negative feelings, thanks to our lovely voice.

It was found, if we listen to our own tone, it will help us to understand our emotional state, mental, and physical condition. Even more, when we try to change our sounding, we change our brain condition which could make us happier. How simple? By learning to watch our personal voice, it will improve our emotional intelligence and life. Furthermore, we could play and shape it, through techniques, which include an alternation of singing, reading literary texts, and healthy silence.

For this reason, it was conducting a psychological research and test several participants who should listen to their voices from recordings in different situations. It was proved those who know better their voices could manage their emotions and make them more successful. Surely most of you know people who have an unforgettable voice like a melody which impacts their life.

Our voice is the hidden relation between expressing and experiencing our emotions and gathering the emotions of other people. In addition, we subconsciously surround us with those whose voices are pleasant for our listening. If we manage better our own vocal abilities, this will help us to improve and change our personality.