How To Protect Your Body From Computer Devices

Today in the fast-growing technological world, it looks like life is almost impossible without computers, tablets, and smartphones. Modern people rely on these tools of artificial intelligence to work and be more informed, through the connection with the outer world. By trying to become cleverer, our human mind is involved in a dependent relationship with all intelligent gadgets. However, our physical and mental being is not created to be attached to these electromagnetic devices all the time. Recently, it was proved those who work on their computers without breaks have many unhealthy conditions such as eyesight problems, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety. What should we do to keep our mind and body in a good health?
  • Digital detox. Being influenced by the daily motion from technological life modern society has a great need of digital detoxification. When our body is overwhelmed with a higher dose of tech energy, there are many ways to release it. It should start with our inner recognition of body signals for a short or long-term break. If we know every working hour in front of digital screens should be replaced with one hour break so to release the body from the electromagnetic influence. In other words, our digital time should not exceed four hours daily. Also, every week we should have at least one day thus to be completely disconnected from this field of artificial energy. 
  • Read non-digital sources of information. In recent years many people almost forget about paper books, newspapers, and magazines. It has been proven that our brain has a better receptivity and higher intellectual abilities when the information comes from touchable - paper sources. They help us to get back our mind to the physical reality and keep us grounded. In addition, papers make our human mind more concentrated because they are not loaded with unnecessary stimuli such as moving images and pictures. 
  • Write by hand. Writing by hand is the easiest way to connect not only with other people but also with our own self. When we take a writing tool in our hand and move it in our personal way, we enhance our brain activity and harmonize its hemispheres. Being in this simple process of writing, our left and right brain can communicate better. 
  • Real personal communication. Yes, we live in this new world where different people can connect with friends from other countries. Nothing could replace our innate necessity for verbal communication because it is at the core of human nature. We could not exchange real feelings, energy and all expressions typical for our mind and body, if we are behind some device.
  • Live close to Nature. Perhaps the biggest challenge for modern society is to find the balance between virtual reality and natural living. Every time when we use some device, we have a different feeling for the physical space and reality. We do not move, breathe, and most of our physical processes are not efficient. For this reason, we need to reconnect with our true nature.