How to Renew Your Body with Sea Salt

It is not a secret our human bodies have the same mineral containing as the sea salt. Even more, we are created with a part of our tongue to taste saltiness. It is not casual this earth treasure is often used in different therapies for healing and rejuvenation, as well it could be the best tool to protect and clear our energy body. Sea salt has a crystalline structure like no other earth source which is a byproduct of the sea water evaporation. It contains more than 80 essential elements necessary for the better health of the body.

Many years ago people realized that sea salt is a natural aid created to nourish, heal, and clear our human bodies. After the hot summer season, our body needs to peel the old skin and stimulate the growth of the new one. And sea salt could be our main tool to renew and energize our biggest body organ - our skin, which needs to be renewed and detoxified every season.

There is a homemade scrub which is one easy to prepare recipe with a rejuvenating effect.
You will need:
1/4 cup of sea salt;
1/4 glass of aloe vera juice or mineral water;
1 tablespoon of dried lavender or chamomile flowers;

You can apply this natural aid while you take your shower which can replace your bath cosmetics.
Mix well all the ingredients until you obtain a thick mixture. Apply the paste while you are still under the water and make a massage for two-three minutes. It is important to make circular movements so to boost the blood movement and remove the old skin. After the rinse, use several drops natural plant oil which can nourish the new skin. If you want to renew your body, this procedure is necessary to be applied twice a week in a month. In addition, it will eliminate the accumulated toxins and revive itself because of better skin breathing. Also to improve the body PH balance which will have an amazing effect on the physical and mental well-being. If you use sea salt as a natural washing care, it will have a great impact on your health because in these days we need to minimize the pollution outside.