8 Reasons You Should Eat Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds - the seeds of the sun. These are the watchers of the sun, which accumulate all the beneficial stuff in their kernels. Most of us just eat them sitting outside in our spare time and do not suppose they are very beneficial for our health. While we consume these nutritional sources, we supply our body with essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, which help our human body to produce energy. They are the best fuel which contains in 100g. almost 580 calories and we need only a handful of it to feel better.

There are many reasons to eat sunflower seeds, and some of them are:

1. Rich in vitamins A, D, and B. The seeds of the sun are one of the richest sources of natural vitamins A, D, and B9. If you include them in your menu, you will help your body to reduce the risk of heart disease and brain aging. In addition, these vitamins will support the nervous system, skin and hair condition, as well eyes and liver system.

2. Contain plenty of healthy fats. Sunflower seeds are a good source of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fats which are excellent for overall body health. Especially for the better brain health and all cognitive functions and memory.

3. Good source of Magnesium. Recently most of us know about the important role of magnesium for our health. When we supply our physical structure with it, our body has a better immune response, good mood, and sleep, better condition of respiratory, nervous and hormonal systems.

4. More Selenium. It is a powerful antioxidant for Thyroid health, heart, brain, and liver system. In recent studies have found selenium plays as an anti-oxidative agent with an antistress activity which regulates the hormonal systems. Also, it can cure the respiratory system and reduce asthma and allergies.

5. Rare antioxidants and phytosterols. In these little seeds are hidden many powerful antioxidants which can prevent and cure cancer. Thanks to the rare chemical stuff sunflower seeds can renew damaged cells and improve the growth of healthy ones.

6. Essential amino acids. Like many other nuts, sunflower seeds are loaded with a high quality of essential amino acids. They mainly contain tryptophan which reduces the stress levels and boosts the good mood.

7. A lot of fiber. If you include sunflower seeds in your daily menu, you will supply your body with the necessary fiber which can improve digestive system and overall body health. Even people in China use the seeds to boil tea so to alleviate stomachache and nausea.

8. Good source of Zinc. This is one of the main microelements which improve and maintain the condition of the reproductive system. When the body takes enough zinc daily, it will have a great impact on hormonal production and fertile abilities for men and women.

If you need to munch something good in your spare time, you can rely on sunflower seeds to improve your health.