How to Rebirth Your Mind And Body with Water

Can water rebirth our mind and body? We all know its renewing effect. Since ancient times many cultures have paid a particular attention to the properties of water and its ability to purify, transmit and store information. For this reason, people have used these healing features until today. Mainly water practices have been used in the Eastern world to improve mental and physical health. Recently, Western society is also influenced by water power and it was increasingly involved in different methods for spa procedures and well-being.

Water is at the core of all processes in our human body, which allows our existence. We spend our first nine months of life in a liquid containing, which makes our birth possible. And thanks to this power of water we can turn back to this special period of our existence. In fact, water can rebirth our physical and mental being because it can reconnect with our cell memory and completely heal our mind and body.

There is a practice named Water rebirth, which is an innovative non-verbal method with a beneficial influence on various mental conditions. By practicing in waters with a temperature close to the human body, this method helps the mind to forget about the stress. It can be attributed to other relaxing techniques with water, which leads the mind and body to a calm state.

Most of the movements of this water practice are specific. They simulate the baby living period in the mother's womb, which reenters the states of security, warmth, and tranquility. Every session is about 30 minutes in complete easiness for the body which leads the mind to experience the initial freedom. All typical movements above and below the liquid help the body to relax on the flow of water and feel the mental and physical well-being. It is advisable to implement the sessions guided by a confident person.

Water rebirth is an exceptionally gentle approach for the mind and body balance, which has numerous benefits.
  • Complete relaxation;
  • Harmonized breathing;
  • Calming the heart rhythm;
  • Better immune response;
  • Improved lymph movement;
  • Bring the nervous system back into balance;
  • Release and transformation of traumatic past events;
  • Stimulates the creativity and unlock the personal potential;
Leave the water to rebirth your human essence, through the relaxation and purification, and reconnect with your true self.