How to Improve Your Life with a Paper Hand

Is it possible to improve your life with a paper napkin? Yes, of course. There is a method which was created by an Indian psychologist, named Vikram Patel. He has decided to help more people to know and use their strengths thus to maintain a better mood and have a satisfying life. When they should cope with a life situation, he applied a simple method with a paper napkin which resembles a kid play.

For this reason, he invited many participants to train in this simple method of cognitive-behavioral therapy. After three weeks these people start to teach someone other who wants to improve their life or have a life lesson which should cope with. At the core of this method are our interpersonal connection and the feeling of support to unleash the good side of every personality.

Firstly, he asked all people to outline their hand on a paper or napkin, cut it out, and wrote their personal positive features of their character to every finger. Then they wrote five main traits of their personality and read one of them every day in the morning. Every time they should choose one finger from the back side of the hand and think all day about it and intentionally show this special personal trait to other people. If they want, they could write it on the same finger of the hand.

After a week every one of them feels better because they easily identify yourself with the real thyself. It was found that three weeks are enough so to turn back the mental wellbeing of every person. As a result, every man or woman can cope better with their life lessons when they use their own strengths. In addition, this method is very effective for people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.

And the next stage of this method is the role of the matured person who should teach and pass the knowledge to another one who needs this experience. The more people learn it, the better for them. Also, this could be the funny play which unlocks our personal ability and desire to do a favor and support someone else with a similar issue. No matter the age - from kids to adults, every one of us needs some more self-esteem and live your better life.