What Does Your Navel Reveal About Your Personality

Have you heard that the shape of your belly button can tell a lot about your identity? It may sound unreal, but this is the truth - your navel can reveal your personality which even your parents and friends do not know. There is no scientific evidence about this fact, but there are many types of research which unify the people with a similarity of their belly button shapes and their individuality.

Omphalomancy is the name of a practical method which analyzes the navel's shape and reveals the specific traits of personality. If you also want to unveil the secrets hidden on your belly, just have a look and analyze it.

Ideally round navel. When the shape of your navel is a perfect circle, then you are a balanced and heart opened person. You are firmly stepped on the ground and rarely allow anything to shake you. Also, you have a rich emotional life and deep feelings which do not like to show to those around you. Sometimes you can not follow the pace of others and prefer to stay alone with yourself to reload your energy.

Moon shape navel. If your navel looks like a small horizontal slice of moon, then you are an idealistic, creative and extremely passionate person. You love to find the beauty in little things and have an eye on art. However, your life is a series of personal lessons, which lead you to the way of your individual path. There is nothing wrong with wondering about your life's journey, no matter how many twists and turns there are. In this way in your middle-aged period, you become a stronger and matured person.

Bulging navel. When your belly button is bulging outside of its place, then you have young by nature temper. While you grow up, you can be described as a sincere and direct person, but also with an immature character. You have a strong youth energy and your soul stays always young, which appears in your look. People with this shape of navel are more attractive and needs the attention of others. Mostly, you like to practice different sports and often release your energy in useful athletic activities.

Sand clock navel. If your navel is expanded on both sides like a sand clock, it is considered you have hidden talents. You are known by people with your charm and good talkative personality, and often you are the heart of the company, which makes you forget about yourself. This is why you need your personal time to rethink and back up all the events for your life. Most of you have an extrovert nature and like to spend your time with more people.

Vertical ellipse navel. In most cases, this navel is shallow and elegant. Their owners are strong and brave people who try to be always at the top because of their achievements. These are the perfectionists who like to do everything in a professional way and avoid situations which are out of their control. Even though they are successful people, they are frequently worried, which passes with the age.

Bowtie shape navel. If your belly button is a horizontal oval, slightly narrowed in the middle, then you are gifted thinkers with a rich mind. You are inclined to dream more than others because your mind thinks a few steps ahead. Also, you are introverts and prefer small groups with like-minded people, who understand your inner motives. People like you move the world and lead others in the new times.