Do You Know What Is Mental Arithmetic

The world is at a full speed of change with all high-tech gadgets seem easy to operate, which are the main factor leading to it. However, they could not replace one of our main mental activities. Our brain is still in need to be able to calculate because this keeps in work its logical side.

Math and arithmetic are everywhere around us, we just should notice them. And mental arithmetic is an old method of counting, which is at the base of innovative brain training. It has been known more than two thousand years ago and now it is very popular in about 70 countries, applied to people at every age. In the traditional mathematics, we use only the logical left side of the brain, but in mental arithmetic is encouraged to use the creative right side with visualizations of the counting on an abacus. This is the tool used to simplify the process of counting and develop the brain work on both sides.

The most important thing mental arithmetic does is to give a better feel for numbers, relations between them, and the patterns they make in our brain related to the daily life. By using our imagination, the program of calculating includes a technique, which leads our thinker to use its two half parts simultaneously. In every task, we should count a certain amount of numbers while we imagine the abacus.

It was found working with an abacus is beneficial for every person who strives to succeed because of the impact on the way of thinking. Scientific research proved only those people whose brains are well developed in their right and left hemispheres could achieve their goals. Most people use only one side of the brain, mainly the logical part. These days only 15 percent of people use well their intuition and have the ability to think outside of the box thus to gain their life goals.

Every work with an abac increases the concentration, speed of thinking, intuition, and memory. Recently this program is used in programs for hyperactive children and people with attention disorders. Many Australian scientists say this methodology has impressive achievements in the treatment of adults Alzheimer. It is also beneficially applied to people with addictions to electronic devices and social networks, keeping them detached from their stimulus.

But all of them agree that the main advantage of this ancient method is for people who need better self-awareness and personal development. Also for children who begin to study with pleasure, and cope better with stress, while becoming more self-confident and resilient in every situation.
No matter your age keep counting, keep thinking with both sides of your brain, and you will succeed in every goal.