3 Easy Tricks To Detox Your Emotional Life

Do you need to detox your emotional life? Every human being was born with feelings which influence the personal life, and not every time they color it in the pink tint. We all have past lessons we should have learned and become more resilient. If we know how to clear the suppressed emotions that we store in our emotional body, we will open a room to a new level of our consciousness.

This process of releasing the negative emotions will help you heal your old wounds and grow into your authentic self. By feeling empowered, you will not just live your life, you will rake it with handfuls. When we have a better relationship with our emotional body, we can appreciate what life offers to us - from sadness to joy. Some scientists proved that our emotions should be digested like our food and leave the body to be free. In addition, to achieve an effective detoxification of unwanted emotions and feelings, we also should detox our physical body.

Here are three easy tricks which will help you detox your emotional life.

1. Cleansing ritual - To find and create a new cleansing ritual for yourself will help you feel free from the hard times. Whether you reorder your bookshelf, your clothes or take out all unnecessary things will make connections with the inner clarity. It is already proved the positive effect of cleaning as an act in the physical world. The laws of our inner world are related to these of the outer reality. In addition, this will help the brain to think with its left side - the logical, which will balance its overloaded emotional right side.

2. Writing and journaling. When we write, we connect with our true self and realize we can share everything with our best friend. It is worth to keep your pen writing till your mind and heart are released. Let's take out all suppressed feelings of fear, frustration, anxiety and open the space for the new good feelings. Writing is the best therapy which can lead us to self-confidence and enoughness. This process is very individual because some people will need to write only seven days but other three weeks, thus to free yourself.

Journaling is the other way to break the negative patterns of your emotional mindset, which will be your connection to the shifted reality. Every day your good feels mindset should be strengthened and your emotional being needs to describe them. While sitting aside in a quiet place, write and feel your inner better condition so to experience it fully. Before start writing, you should reread and add some new words expressing your emotional well-being and vitality in the current moment.

3. Blow out. It is not a joke you can blow out all your negative feelings. Blowing is a good breathing practice but with an intentional and active participation of your physical being in your emotional - invisible life. It can be like a kids game turning the life in a funnier play. Also, you should write on a paper all your unwanted feelings related to situations or people, then make a ball or a boat and put it on an equal place - a table or desk where you can blow out it. Only three minutes will be enough to feel light and liberated, just far away from your past. You can repeat this funny game as often as you need.
Life is a balance between holding on and letting go, and we can live in a way such as it is.