6 Unknown Health Benefits of Sunlight

In our modern world, most people stay inside in offices and forget about the importance of sunlight. For million years, our human race has existed thanks to the warmth and love of the sun. It has a healing power which can cure many illnesses. Being in a regular sun exposure, every human body will recover itself. Even more, the sun's power activates our self-healing abilities. In last researches proved that the energy produced by our cells is very similar to this of the sun and we could not exist without it. We are on the way to realize we are solar beings, depending on the biggest light for the Earth. What are the healing benefits of sunlight, which we should know?

1. Sunlight has seven spectrums of healing energy. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays with a frequency which can cause sunburn but there are eight others - infrared, and seven of them are visible spectrums. Each one is with unique healing powers for the human body, which can receive them early in the morning. Because of the last tendencies to protect our body, perhaps it could not obtain all beneficial rays of the sun. Furthermore, most sun protective cosmetic could stop our body from creating the essential vitamin D.

2. Sunlight works against bad bacteria. Many years ago people found they could use the light of the sun against bad bacteria. They healed their opened body wounds while sunbathing because of disinfecting power of the rays. These days experts suggest that exposing the injured skin to direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes in the morning could speed the healing process. In addition, it can heal all skin imperfections, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis. However, overexposure to hotter sun rays of the day could be harmful to the wound recovery.

3. Sunlight purifies our body. When the sunlight penetrates deeply into the skin, it cleans the blood, blood vessels, and takes out all waste of the body. It also acts as a purifier in all layers of the skin and drains the toxins through the sweat. For this reason, sunbathing is the easiest way to detox our body and lower the higher levels of cholesterol.

4. Sunlight increases the oxygen content and energy. The light of the sun has a great influence on the body, which boosts its energy. Mainly, it increases the capacity of delivered oxygen from the blood to all body organs. In order to serve them, our physical structure transforms the accepted energy, not only from the sunshine but also from the plants which we eat. As a result, the oxygen is released as a by-product to be used for metabolism and enhance the body energy.

5. Sunlight acts as an acupuncture treatment. It is already known we have energy points on our body, which are influenced by the light of the sun. While we sunbathing, the light enters and recharges every energy point thus to release the blockages, which can improve our health. As though, the sun's power acts intelligently and finds all weak places of the body, thus to heal them. In addition, our energetic structure is strengthened, resulting in a better health condition.

6. Sunlight prolongs our life. Several studies have shown that regular sun exposure can increase our lifespan. It is a fact, modern people commonly have an increased need for sunshine which changes the quality of life. Also, those who live in an area with reduced sunlight often suffer from depression, anxiety, and weak immunity. Only humans who often enjoy the gift of the sun are less stressed, have a better health, and their life is longer.

Do you get enough sunlight? If possible, take your 15 minutes every day and your body will be thankful for them.