1 Releasing Technique to Regenerate Your Body Cells

In recent years we all need to know how to release the tension in the body and manage the stress, so to be free from them. According to last researches of the French expert and healer Rene Mey, only four percent of diseases are genetically determined, ten percent depending on our food, drinks, environment and all chemicals which we take, and the other eighty-six percent are the result of our accumulated emotions and stress.

After several years of testing, he has composed emotional releasing techniques which can regenerate our body cells. His therapy provides the complete emotional and physical releasing through an intelligent distribution of the energy in the body. The secret of this therapy for cell regeneration is a curative technique that stimulates the cells and nervous system by slowly and lightly touching and tapping on the back, spine, neck and other parts of the body.

By following the simple system of tapping, this technique can recover the body and eliminate most of the current illnesses, which are the result of unreleased emotions, anxiety, and stress. In this way, it can clear our emotional and mental blocks and improve the energy flow in our body.

This therapy helps to reorganize the metabolic energy of the body and allows to open all circulatory pathways. Furthermore, it can be directed to places where it most needed and improve the immune system thus to slow the aging processes. In most cases, our back, neck, chest, and spine gather the stress and tension that's why when they are released, we feel safe and harmonized.

How to apply the technique?
Because of the back applying, this technique should be done by two persons. The one person is on the back side to the other and taps with a slow rhythm, across the entire surface. Also, it is important to have a good intention to help each other because it is a two-way recovering process. The more we heal and help to release the stress to someone other, the better for the health of both persons. It can be done by sitting, standing or laying down position, just in a calm place. Every session is about 5-10 minutes and three weeks is the period enough for the complete cellular regeneration. It is appropriate for all ages and diseases.

Emotional medicine could do miracles for our body because of deep healing at all levels. Beyond the healing process is a simple relief of the humans DNA junk, which also unlocks the higher state of the balanced mind and body. When it happens, we are ready to live in the calm field of energy, with love to our own self and others, which is the key to the wealth for all. In addition, this technique teaches how with our conscious intentions, good feelings, and politeness we can heal and influence each other.