8 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

As we know, singing brings a lot of joy to many people around the world. Some of them sing at home, in the bath, other share this pleasure with friends or on the stage. However, if you know how this activity can improve your health, you will not want to keep silent anymore.

Firstly, singing is a physical activity which let our body to produce musical sounds, which has many positive effects on our health. In case you like to sing frequently your favorite song, you could get a lot of advantages for your health. Even you do not have to be a good singer - only the practice will make you feel better. What are the benefits of doing this creative activity?

1. Better brain activity. Every young and old lover of singing initiates your brain to remember new texts and sounds, which leads to a better activity of the mind. While we perform this activity, we stimulate our brain functions, which could be the easiest way to improve our memory condition and concentration. Our human brain is thirsty for new songs, which also boost its hormones of happiness.

2. Reduce the stress. It is a fact that the whole process of making music could be so relaxing for our mind and body. Being involved in the music performance, our muscles and nerves release the stored tension in a short time. In addition, this could be the best meditative activity, which helps your mind to free all stressing factors from the daily routines. Being focused on a song with a positive text and sound, our mind forgets about the depression, anxiety, and bad mood.

3. Better control of emotions. Every song has a special story or message related to certain feelings and emotions. Those who are not prone to express their emotions and often need to release their hidden feelings have to practice this musical activity. Once you learn yourself to a better self-expression via singing, you will have a better control over your emotions. As a result, you will improve your self-confidence and social connections.

4. Regulates the Thyroid gland. To produce musical sounds every one of us uses the voice strings, which are placed in our throat. One Russian scientist proved, the tension we create in our throat while we sing, can stimulate the blood circulation and Thyroid gland. In fact, our Thyroid gland is close to the strings, and their vibration could have a positive effect on its condition.

6. Anti-aging effect. There is no better exercise for our facial skin, muscles, and neck. While we open our mouth for singing, we change the position of many muscles on our face. If you want to look younger and save the youth for longer - singing could be the key to it.

7. Better lungs health. Singing can positively influence our breathing - it helps you breathe deeply and rhythmically. Also, it can strengthen the lungs condition and easy the oxygen flow in the blood and brain. As a result, this activity can regulate the heart rate, lower the stress, and improve the overall health.

8. Better self-control. To sing a song, every person learns how to control the voice possibilities. Our own voice is the personal sounding of our identity among other people, in the space. Sometimes we have to sing loud or silent, then to slow the rhythm or to make it faster. The better we control our voice, the better we control our own self.

If you choose to develop singing as your new talent, you will find the best way to improve your health and life. Sing as much as you can and enjoy your existence.