Why You Should Not Throw The Carrot Leaves

We all know that carrots are one of the most common vegetables which people use in their daily menu, but a few take advantage of their green leaves and know their health benefits. By adding them to their salads, soups or meals, many health enthusiasts do not waste these delicate greens because they are edible and have a miraculous effect on their health. It might be not well known they are very similar to the celery taste, but these leaves are bitter, grassy, astringent, and stringy.

In the past, there was a widespread belief that these greens are toxic because of their bitterness and alkaloids containing. Recently there are scientific results that found the forgotten beneficial properties of carrots green parts, and they are not just a grass that you should throw. What will you miss, if you waste the carrot tops?

1. A higher dose of chlorophyll. It is obvious, these leaves are rich in green stuff, which makes them a good source of chlorophyll. It is an important phytochemical very similar to the human blood which acts as a physiological stimulant in the red blood cells. In addition, it has a strong antioxidant activity in the body and helps to purify not only the blood but also the lymph nodes.

2. A higher dose of minerals and vitamins. It is safe to assume, that carrot tops have the same nutrient value as the roots. However, they even contain six times a higher dose of vitamin C, K, A, and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. Thus they could be a good stimulant for our immune system.

3. A higher dose of fiber. If you want to have a healthy digestive tract, it is better to consume foods that can supply your body with fiber. Carrots leaves have plenty of fiber which helps to push all accumulated toxic waste in the intestines. As a result, this will improve the nutrients absorption which leads to higher energy levels of the body.

4. A higher dose of antioxidants. The Greek physician Peodanius Dioscorides found that carrot greens have a strong anti-cancer activity. By comparing them with many plants that have anticancer abilities, he proved these greens can inhibit the cancer cells growth and recover the normal cells for a short time. Also, carrot leaves contain high concentrations of porphyrins which stimulate the pituitary gland and its hormonal production.

What are the health benefits of carrots greens?
They can improve the condition of the immune system, kidneys, purify the blood system, lower the cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and improve the overall body health. They are not recommended for pregnant women because can change their hormonal condition.

If you can not consume the leaves of carrots raw, you can also dry them and prepare a tea or use as a spice in your meals. Perhaps, it is important to use only reliable sources of vegetables that are clean and do not contain poisonous chemicals. You can add the carrot greens because they could be a pinch of more health to your menu.