5 Tips to Manage Your Spring Fatigue

As spring knocks on the doors, everything starts awakening, and most of us have an increased need for energy. During this amazing time, our body has to adjust to this seasonal change. New beginnings are coming and we also enter the period of growth, purifying, and shift. Our lack of vitality could be the result of many outer and inner factors, which could make us feel lethargic or less motivated. How can we manage this condition and move ahead to the hot summer?

1. Sungazing. Because of the long winter, sunlight is one of the most important things that can repair and replenish our mind and body. If we watch the sun, we can quickly brighten our mind and body, boost the hormones of happiness and refill the lower levels of energy. Several minutes sungazing will help us to raise our vibes as well to heal all body weaknesses. Even you can not watch the sunlight every morning, everyday exposure will improve your health.

2. Seasonal foods and green vegetables. When we eat the seasonal fresh food, we help our body to recognize the outer change. Certainly, this the greenest period of the year and we have the chance to purify the whole body thanks to the green vegetables. By adding the green spinach, lettuce, and nettle, we can improve the metabolism and revitalize our physical being. In addition to all vitamins and minerals, green foods are rich in chlorophyll, which is the greatest source of vital energy.

3. Contrasting shower. There is no better way to wake up and stay alert all day. It might be not so comfortable, but it will shake your body and improve your health. Perhaps, this could be the fastest morning routine that strengthens your physical and mental power. As quickly your body adapts to the water temperatures, it accepts the uneasiness as normal. In addition, your contrasting daily shower can improve your brain work, hormonal levels, blood circulation, burn the fats, and keep your body healthy.

4. Ear massage. In Eastern medicine, the outer part of the ear is accepted as a microsystem of energy points representing the entire body system. Every point corresponding to a certain organ of the body, which needs a stimulation. If you gently push and pull your ears for two-three minutes every day, you can directly influence every organ and stimulate their condition. Also, you can add several drops plant oil to your fingers, and enjoy this releasing the stress activity.

5. Honey products - honey, royal jelly, and bee pollen. They are the healthiest sources rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids necessary for the body adapting to the spring. If you are not allergic to the bee products, eat them regularly, so to boost your body energy.