One Bracelet Can Make Miracles In Your Life

Sometimes life lessons push our old patterns of living, and if we can not learn from them, we struggle and think we are not lucky or become superstitious. Whether you need a change in your life, or you just want to make it better, it is enough to buy a new bracelet so to make some improvements in your existence. Can a bracelet make miracles in your life? Of course, it can - if you empower it. Everything begins with our inner attitude and the ability to rewire our mind for a positive change.

Firstly, it is better to know what is the bracelet role. This is just a tool which will help your brain to forget your old mind program and learn - remember the new one. Our human mind development is ready to set its way of thinking to the positive side wherever we want. We just should not allow become skeptical or with a negative expectancy. Perhaps the most important step in this process is to notice how we understand the reality.

This idea was proved by Will Bowen - a famous psychologist who repeated the experiment with several people for twenty-one days. His main purpose was to help people to decrease their habit to complain and stop notice the negativity of life. He gave a purple bracelet to every person and a list of positive sentences. Perhaps, he choоsed the purple color, because of its power to stimulate the brain activity, decrease the anxiety, and increase the connection with the soul. All of them put the bracelets and read the positive affirmations, which should repeat every morning before going out, which is the most beneficial moment of the day to rewire our mind. In this way, he helped participants to know how to lead their mind, which need this positive shift and realize that every one of us can achieve the desired life.

Here are some of them:
  • I promise myself to smile every day; 
  • I promise myself to be kind;
  • I promise myself to see the good side of every person;
  • I promise myself to be calmer and more patient;
  • I promise myself to be more positive;
  • I promise myself to be more organized;
  • I promise myself to be emotionally stable;
  • I promise myself to appreciate every act of kindness;
  • I promise myself to accept the difference between people;
  • I promise myself to be free of my old habits to complain;
  • I promise myself to stay focused on the present;
  • I promise myself to stop blaming myself or others;
  • I promise myself to be confident and believe in my possibilities; 
  • I promise myself to free my mind of all fears and negative thoughts;
  • I promise myself to wish the best for other people because it will come to me;
  • I will keep my promises.

Here the bracelet will be the physical connection - as a reminder, to the new condition which we want to achieve and enter the positive field of living. However, some long-term negative thoughts of mind cause a habitual state, and it is possible to forget about your positive change. If it happens to omit the connection to your promises, you should repeat your affirmations, change the wrist, and watch it more often during the day. When repeated sentences are completely accepted by the subconscious, just a look at the wristlet will be enough to remind them. The first phase of this experiment will take you twenty-one days, while you learn to lead your thoughts. But if you need a complete change in your life, your mind needs four months. To transform our outer world, we begin with inner transformation, which requires relying on the willpower and discipline of the mind.

Being open to the power of our mind we can heal every negative aspect of our living. Whether you choose green, red or purple, every bangle could be a conductor of fulfilled desires and make miracles in our life, only if we believe in it.
Watch your bracelet of change, charged with positive words, as often as you need, and you will enter in your better present.