Do You Know The Main Factor of Long Life

How long do you want to live? Most people want to be younger as much as they can, and search innovative methods to prolong their life. However, the secret of the long life is simpler and easy to be achieved. If we know our body is determined to live more than our expectations, being in contact with the primary source of our life, we will not wonder which is the factor determines our lifespan.

In recent years, because of the busy life, most people stay far from the main source of a better living - Nature. It has laws and a simple order which also pertain to ours. Life could not be fast and busy all the time. If we follow the rhythm of Nature, we will be in balance. It is known, there is a period to slow down the active motion, and the other one for growth and shift.

One health research of Harvard University proved, people who live in houses near to beautiful landscapes, surrounded by greenery, live longer. They have tested 109 volunteers - men and women for eight years and found an improvement in their health and life. It was concluded, by living close to the running life, people are with 17 percent lower death rate, 34 percent lower lungs and heart disease, and 67 percent better physical and mental activity.

The main goal for these participants was to watch the natural rhythm, thus could follow it. As a result, their bodies were synchronized with the natural cycles and evaluate the connection with Nature's wisdom, then minimize suffering from any diseases. It is clear, those who rely on the green living can watch and participate in the real-life, as well to create the health within. Because the body can align with all natural processes and move ahead to its evolution, in the same way as Mother Nature.

Despite the technological time, humans need the connection with the main source of living and use all gifts to improve their existence - the energies of the sun, air, earth, water and the contact with animals. As a result, the running life becomes a part of us, which is the art of living.
Why? Nature can provide our body with all necessary conditions for a longer living - from the fresh air and sun to the healthy food and water. In addition, it is enough silent to find our inner peace, and enough noisy to stimulate our self-healing abilities. All natural sounds, that come from the trees, birds, waves, and winds can activate our innate ability to heal and live longer.
No matter how much you love your city lifestyle, our human nature could not run away from its essence.