Your Eye Color Reveals A Lot About You

They watch, they see - they are the most remarkable part of our face. Our pair of unique eyes which we use to perceive the outer world. Some people believe that eyes are the windows to the person's soul which could reveal the hidden traits of our character. It is enough to look at someone's eyes and deeply understand all feelings, emotions, and characteristics of the temperament. Every one of us has a unique picture of colors which could be dark, warm or cold shades and make us different and special.
In the beginning, people were only with brown eyes. Later, because of the climate change on the Earth, human beings mutated and their bodies became more resilient. As a result, their genes changed and some of them became taller but other with blue or grey eyes.

Eye coloring is an interesting trait which is a notable difference arranged by our genes. By following this idea, several scientists from Orebro University in Sweden studied four hundred people so to understand much better the connection between the eye color and personality. In fact, they found similar characteristics in people with same eye colors.

If your eyes are black or brown:
One of the most surprising things about the black-colored eyes is that the true black nuance is very rare, and they are dark brown. These people are often perceived as secretive and mysterious who follow their intuition. In addition, the owners of darker eyes have more melanin, which makes their brain and body stronger. They are extremely hardworking and generally better at sports and often are the leaders of the team.

In the group of dark-eyed are people with brown shades, who are the biggest part on the Earth. They have a stable manner and often rely on their wisdom which they use with a charm at the right moments. These people are very polite and agreeable and easily find new friends.
To find the balance in their life, most people with dark colors in the eyes need to be more connected with the earth energy.

If your eyes are blue or grey:
In fact, blue is the most desirable eye color. Blue-eyed people possess a great inner strength, which others could not understand. Their mind is very open and curious and needs to be more engaged with intellectual work. Often they are accepted as emotional people who need time to express their feelings. As they grow, they learn how to balance their intellectual and emotional energy, thus to achieve their desires.

Grey eyes are rare, but they are just a variation of the blue tint. Their owner is either an exceptionally well-balanced person or the two sides of a proverbial coin. They are very adaptable and could be different to different people, depending on the situation. Most of them are innovative and search new ways to create and express their ideas.
All people with light colors in their eyes can rejuvenate and refresh their bodies thanks to the energy of water.

If your eyes are green or hazel:
Those who have green eyes, which are the mix of blue and brown shades, are the combination of the old and new genes. Their owners rarely go to extremes because their main goal is to be in harmony with themselves. Trying to consider every action in details, they belong to the category of most successful persons. By following their style, they often try new things to reload their positivism and creativity.

Hazel eyes are with two or three mixed colors, which are the most uncommon and hard to describe. Respectively, people who have these colors in their eyes, are different from their early childhood. They have a very balanced personality which could remain unrevealed, because of the well-developed imagination. Relying on their talents, these individuals are independent, confident and spontaneous.
All these people renew their vitality when they travel more and discover new places.