10 Important Reasons You Should Take Fish Oil

How often do you eat fish? Do you know you should eat fish two times per week so to obtain all benefits? One of the most important benefits of eating fish is the containing of omega-3 fatty acids, which are not produced by the body but are very necessary for it. When it comes to consumption, it is better to know the best sources of fish oil are from cold-water fatty fish. And, if you do not include salmon, herring, white fish, sardines or anchovies, you should take supplements for a while time. What are the reasons we need the oil of fish?

 1. Fish oil can improve the brain health. If you know our brain is nearly 60% fat and much of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids, you will turn your diet into rich of fish meals. In fact, several studies have shown fish oil can prevent certain mental disorders. For example, it can reduce the risk of some psychotic disorders, depression, and anxiety. It is an interesting fact about those who are susceptible to any mental disorders have imbalanced or lower levels of omega-3.
It is clear, the oily fish is beneficial for our brain and can decrease the risk of Alzheimer. Several studies show that essential fatty acids are vital for the brain functions and can prevent the process of atrophy in adults' brain. Once again confirmed the potentially positive power of fish oil on the human brain.

2. Fish oil can prevent hyperactivity in children. Recently, there is a big number of children with attention disorder and hyperactivity. Fortunately, these behavioral disorders could be well treated with fish oil supplements. Given enough omega-3 to the child's brain can decrease the episodes of aggression, inattention, and impulsiveness. Even more, all children who often eat fish have a better sleep, stable emotional and cognitive development, and higher IQ.

3. Fish oil can eliminate various cancers. One scientific research proved omega-3 polyunsaturated acids have anticancer abilities and are a good weapon against prostate, breast, colon, and other cancers. They can inhibit the cancer cells growth, while they boost the immune system because of their indirect anti-inflammatory effect.

4. Fish oil can improve fertility. For this reason, man and women who want to boost the health of their reproductive organs should eat more fish products. They can play a key role in man's health and the mobility of sperm. Additionally, it has been found that fish oil can reduce the inflammation, regulates the hormones and cycles of women. This is the oil which is effective against polycystic syndrome and endometriosis.
Recent studies show that fish oil is extremely beneficial for pregnant women and their babies. Through pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the needs of omega-3 are even higher for every woman.

5. Fish oil is good for bone health. During old ages, bones become more fragile because they lose the essential minerals and elements, such as calcium, vitamin D. Those who have higher omega-3 intakes, have better bone mineral density and rarely suffer from arthritis.

6. Fish oil supports the eye health. Similarly to the brain, omega -3 acids are important for the eye function and structure. One study case proved the beneficial effect of consumption a higher dose of fish for the eye condition. These days, every one of us works with computer technologies, which make our eyes more affected and in need of better care.

7. Fish oil works against diabetes. One study found that the essential fatty acids can minimize the risk of diabetes because it reduces the oxidative stress, which plays the main role in diabetes complications. Another study shows that people who often consume fatty fish are not prone to diabetes and other endocrine diseases.

8. Fish oil can boost the immune system. The health benefits of fish oil are incredible for the immune system. When the consumption of fish is not casual, it raises the immune response and makes the body insusceptible to viral and bacterial infections. In addition, its power is with proven effects against allergies, asthma, and lung diseases.

9. Fish oil can beautify the skin and hair. By using fish oil many people improve their skin and hair condition. It is a good source of essential fats and vitamins which nourish the skin and can prevent wrinkles or treat eczema and psoriasis. As well, this oil can effectively treat dandruff, hair loss, and hair thinning.

10. Fish oil is effective for weight loss. It is true, adding the fish oil to appropriate exercises program and diet can decrease the body fat, while also improves the metabolic and heart health.

If you are not able to eat enough fish, choose qualitative fish oil supplements according to your age and health condition. Be cautious and do not overuse fish oil, because it can cause some side effects, such as bloating, belching, nausea, bad breath, nose bleeding.
What else can fish oil do for your body? If you include it in your diet, positively it can help to recover your health very soon.