Realize Your Dreams With A Glass Of Pure Water

In the new age of human brain evolution, we often read and hear about how to manifest and attract our dreams. Yes, we can change our mindset and what should we do? Some people pray, others meditate or manifest their desires but what else is necessary, so to find the way to achieve our goals or solve a problem. Our overloaded with information mind needs a deep purification at physical and mental level. And a glass of water can activate its hidden powers, thus to open our intuition and rely on it? Can we follow our inner voice?

It may sound different from all techniques of reprogramming which you know, but this is a result of many years testing the brain abilities. Thanks to Jose Silva, this method is applied to people with different cases, and he has concluded that our brains know and can solve every problem or situation. When we try to find the right direction and achieve our dream, in most cases, we need sufficient information. This method will teach you how to unlock the data within your consciousness and subconsciousness, to take the right decision and receive the necessary information. Being patient and choose your real achievable goals.

It is very simple to implement - just follow these steps:
  • You need a glass of pure water. 
  • Drink the half quantity of it before falling asleep, while closing your eyes.
  • Upturn them to your forehead center and say "This is the only thing which I should do, so to find the answer to my question or solve my problem."
  • Remind and feel your complete relief and satisfaction as every time things happen in the best way for you.
  • Put the glass next to your bed, relax and lie down to sleep.
In the next morning, when you wake up, you should repeat the words, while closing your turned up eyes, in the same way. Also, you can feel how water passes through your body. It is well known, that water is a good receptor of our thoughts, intentions, and desires, so while we drink it in this way, we design and transfer our dreams and expectations. As a result, when the water enters our body system, it permeates and purify our mental and physical structure, then releases and unlocks the necessary information which is in our genetic code. How simple? Just relax and leave your body to accept the magic power of water with your words. In addition, your body will be detoxed and healed, which are the main preconditions to realize your goals and dreams. You can repeat this procedure several times till you have a clear vision. Certainly, water is one of the most beneficial liquids with healing powers.

This practice should be implemented when your brain is in alfa condition, which is the calm and relaxed state of your mind, reached after awakening or before going to sleep. This is the moment when our consciousness releases the daily stress and all unnecessary information, which is loaded into our right half of the brain.

Instead of being in passive relaxation, like the most you know till now, you create the real conditions of your brain to gain the spark or realization of your dream. It is possible to wake up during the night with a clear memory and signs of your dream or you could have a real solution to your problem.

These are the glimpses of your intuition, which is your guide, and you need to follow. If you do not have your clear vision in the next morning, then expect to receive it during the day. Your mind is similar to a conduit with universal insight and ready to catch the necessary signs. Being alert, you can get the solution accidentally, when you open a book, listen to a song or a radio talk, hear a name. You will see, hear, and listen with your active senses.
If we know our inner sense and follow the synchronicity, our life will be a sequence of our realized dreams.