The Secret Recipe For Happiness Is Revealed

Are you happy? Do you think happiness is something difficult to achieve? If you try to find it in material things, money, career, and success - it will be. They are not constant and fastly pass at the time. It turns out, our human nature is designed to be happy, because it is in our genes.

Once we are born, we know what we need, and receive it without any effort. To grow up physically and mentally, we should be surrounded by people expressing a good attitude and love. We just need warm relations.

One research at Harvard University proved that the universal factor of a happy life is a good relationship with the family, friends, and beloved ones. When we feel loved, supported, and accepted, our hormones of happiness are in balance. It is beneficial, to pay attention to others - relatives or a partner, because of our social nature. To be aware that our well-being is related to our relationships, thus we all are connected and dependent. It is better to socialize and avoid being lonely and isolated. Those who are qualified as lonely could not feel completely happy.

In this reason, 70 men and women, who did not know each other, have participated in a test for 2 months. It was found, every one of them was trying to synchronize with others and the environment, so to feel better. By searching someone to express their positive attitude and respect, by default, they received the same. Few were those, who felt good and healthy and did not establish any friendship.

What do we need to have a satisfying relationship?
Basically, every stable relation lies at several points - love, adherence, devotion, support, and understanding. As well, to express all the feelings openly to objects of the relation, so to build a connection. Whether we are stressed, sick or happy, most of us need someone to share the feelings of every event in our life. It is not important the number of the relations but their quality - to be able to rely on each other.

To be happy with our relations, it is not necessary to have a great income, big house or car. Social interactions influence not only our physical and mental health but also prolong our lives and boost our happiness.