Powerful Words To Heal Your Mind And Body

Your mind is a garden, your words are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds. 
These days most people know that our mind and body can send and receive energy through the power of words. To become aware of this invisible force is a really important process, which is shared between the person who talks and the person who listens. As a result, we receive the greatest gift - to heal our mind and body, also to control our lives.

Whose words do we listen mostly?
Of course ours. We talk to ourselves all the time. Therefore we can do this talking in a positive way, and watch our thoughts, as well avoid thinking more about other people.

Because life offers different situations every day, we should prepare our emotional being for them. Every good and bad situation comes to teach us, how to pass the exams of life and be matured. We should not miss the moment to fill our mind with healing words, so to set it, how to gain the benefit of the lesson. Then, we become wiser and realize, that our old soul wounds are jewels.

Whatever is the situation, we could change the view of how to understand it. In the past, it was considered, that talking to yourself is wrong or not normal, but it is the easiest way to set our mind and make more flexible our emotional body. Our human nature is designed to be healed with words.

To purify all accumulated emotions and circling thoughts, we can use several simple words and quotes. They will help to regulate the emotional condition, enhance the positive memoriesimprove the concentration, so to become a happier person.

Healing with words or positive self-talking is a simple method which will train your brain to switch off the negativity and stick to positive words. This will help you to become a more confident person, which does not mean to underestimate the everyday situations but to experience them in a more peaceful way. Even more, by saying the right words to yourself, will make you feel more protected and not influenced by the stress or other people. Every one of us needs to become emotionally stronger.

When should you use the words?
Our mind is the controller of our life because we are what we think. As well, there is a time favorable for this work - to plant our seed - our words. Our subconscious is more receptive, open and expects to listen to our spell, before going to sleep or after waking up. Therefore, we should not miss these moments to fulfill our mind with the healing words. Try to relax for 3-5 minutes and read or say your powerful words.
Certainly, most people have some special words for difficult times. Every word can rise a sense and emotion.
Which are your words? Read them, and you will recognize them.

  • Love - I am filled with love, I give and receive love; 
  • Faith - I am filled with faith, I eradiate faith;
  • Hope - I am filled with hope; I give and receive hope;
  • I am a confident person; 
  • I feel good;
  • I can do it;
  • I deserve it;
  • I will succeed;
  • This will pass, too;
  • Nothing can hold me back;
  • Everything will come in its place;
  • My body is completely healthy;
  • I keep my mind quiet and focused all day long;
  • I allow only peaceful and positive thoughts in my mind;
Do you have any healing words? Do you choose some of these? If you use them, soon your health and life will be improved.