2 Minutes Physical Exercise Can Change Your Life

Do you like physical exercises? But the right question should be - Do you have enough time, to do just one?
Assuredly, your body needs exercises, because of its constitution to move. What kind of movement do we make in front of computers and other devices that help us to be cleverer? How clever one person can be, depends on his resilient body. The more flexible is one body, the better for its mind because their work will be synchronized. To be more effective and productive our physical structure, like a good working engine, we should respectively follow its necessities. Mainly they are physical practices - releasing the stress, which can improve our mental and physical health and life.

This exercise is very simple, safe and easy to perform, which will take only 2 minutes. Often, kids do it naturally, without any knowledge it is an old Tibetan practice. We cannot doubt either in children's instinct nor in Tibetan experience and wisdom, which is one unexpected way to refresh, rejuvenate and purify our energetic system. As a result, our body will unlock its hidden energy potential and will live in a better energy level. Moreover, you will find the key to mind and body balance, which is the step to a life free of stress, panic attacks, depressions, addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, even internet.

How to perform it?
First, stand up in a place, where you have a plenty of room to spin. Take your arms out and put them up at shoulders level with upturned palms, like airplane wings. Then make semi-circles around your twisted body, where arms should be opposite to one another, all the time. When the right arm is in front of your body, your left one should be on the back side, and then change. Follow the rhythm, until you feel how the speed of arms is increasing, as though they move without your effort - like a perpetual mechanism. Try not to move legs and breathe deeply. Continue to the culmination of this practice until your body needs to stop and balance. Close your eyes, relax and put arms next to the body, and keep your balance for a minute.

After 2 minutes intensive motion of the repeating activity, the body will be shaken from its power. Your innate sense will seek the equilibrium, which is the key to inner peace and calmness. Stay in this position till the body will stop any movement and will be completely fixed, at rest, and feel the perfect serenity and security. Enjoy this condition as long as you need.

The secret formula is very simpleEvery repeated act of the body can relieve every repeated unhealthy thought or condition, because of the intentional leading of consciousness to different work. Certainly, the freedom of mind leads to better health, where in most cases they are dependable. Finding the point to the body equilibrium unlocks the point of peace. There are no cases when a person is angry or nervous, who can stand still - without any movement. In this way, you can check whether your body is out of balance at any time, if you try to keep it in a steady position.

Using this old experience, we can improve our health because we all have the ability to modify and purify our external energy wrap, which is named aura. If we take care of it, we will reduce the chance of every disease. 
Since the mind is mental, and the body is in a physical world, they could not be identical but could evaluate their connection through simple practices.