Return Your Mental Comfort In 3 Minutes

There is nothing better than a calm mind which supports our mental comfort. But how to achieve it in this busy and stressful time? It is proved, today every fifth person lives with a mental disorder, which shows a risk for the global health. How to stay unaffected by this epidemic tendency if we continue to live in the same way? By trying to see the good side of this situation, we should notice there are more and more people strive and change their lifestyle to have a healthy and happy body. This could be a giant leap of the human race, which is responsible to overcome this challenge.

To be in comfort with our own self, our soul, we should look and stare deep inside. And when we know more about the well-being of this invisible part of ourselves, which needs to be in harmonious unity with the physical body, then nothing from the outer world could disturb it.

There are numerous ways to achieve and sustain our mental comfort. But breathing practices are the simplest and easiest than we expect. Being aware of the main connection between our mind and body, we could take life in our hands. It should be clear, breathing is the force which controls our existence. If we know the art of breathing, we have the power, wisdom, and will to live our desired life.

In fact, there are various methods, and most of them lead to a focus on consciously and deep breathing. They are the fundamental part of stress relieving practices. Many health experts agree slow breathing can calm the human mind because it eases different symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, insomnia, attention deficit disorders, post-traumatic stress. There is one specific discipline - Pranayama, which is a technique of Indian yoga, often called "alternate nostril breathing".

What are the benefits of alternate nostril breathing? 
It sends a calming message to the autonomic nervous system, which lowers the higher levels of stress hormones, as well slow the heart rate, improves digestion, supports the lungs and respiratory functions, removes toxins, etc. It is a great way, which can bring you back to your center. As though we can hit the button to return our mental comfort.

How to implement the alternate nostril breathing?
Take a comfortable and tall seat, then relax your left palm on your lap.
By using the pointer finger of the right hand you should cover the right nostril, and deeply inhale through the left one. You can close your eyes, count till five and hold the air. Then cover your left nostril and exhale through the right one very slowly. You just should inhale through the one nostril, then exhale through the other. Then from the same, you exhale yet, you should inhale. Pause briefly and repeat to change the nostrils at least 7-10 time until you feel sufficiently calm.

Do you use any calming techniques? It is worth trying the alternate nostril breathing because it is a simple way to return your mental comfort in less than 3 minutes.