How Many Steps Should You Take Every Day

Walking is one of the most fundamental movements of the human nature. For all the million years of our evolution, we were on the feet using our two legs. And such as an innate ability which our body performs more often than any other activities like running or swimming, we undervalue and consider it as not so important. We are not meant to sit for longer, but these days we go against our nature by using all modern vehicles. Even for those who are more active every day, taking a walk is an obligation which we owe to our body. In recent years, many studies proved the benefits of 10 thousand steps per day. This is almost true, but not entirely. Should we really take 10,000 steps daily? 

There is some good data to support the 10K steps. Back in 2000, a Japanese team found every step after this target is beneficial and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, blood sugar and over-weight, and improves the psychological well-being. 
When we walk, we breathe better, our blood circulates better, our brain thinks better, and all physiological processes of the body are more effective, therefore we live better.

In fact, today a big part of people take at least 5,000 steps per day, which shows an extremely sedentary lifestyle and hides serious risks for their health. And for those, who make between 5,000 and 7,500 steps every day are in the average norm, which can not be classified as an active lifestyle.

While some scientists try to count the number of steps with health benefits, several world health institutions have made quite a different conclusion of this topic. Instead of achieving the target of any number paces, they recommend 90 minutes walking per day, which equals 7-8,000 steps. 

The most important for people who should realize to reduce the sedentary position and alternate with the periods of movement. We all need to get out of our chairs once every hour to walk at least 100 steps, just to break these sedentary stretches. If you want to be fit, make a notice or set your devices to remind you should stand up and keep walking.
When we are walking, we are doing what our body is designed to do - so it is not a surprise that the more steps we take, the better. Every extra hour, which we spend outside add years to our body health.