6 Steps To Reduce Unwanted Feelings And Stress

Are you looking for more calm and satisfying experience with your daily life? Is there a person or situation which cause your unwanted feelings? Are you tired of getting over and worn out?
Whether you experience one or all of these feelings, you have welcomed to the school of life. It will teach you how to become more flexible and resilient, despite the outer situation. Self-improvement is an essential part of our personal development. There are several steps to work with yourself on reducing the unwanted feelings so that you can be calm and satisfied each day again.

1. Identify your feelings. 
The first step to deal with your unwanted feelings is to identify what exactly they are. Ask yourself: What do I feel? Are you angry, sad, jealous, disappointed, frustrated, etc? You can write down and describe your feelings. Try to notice your body reactions. Do you have heart racing, fast breathing, tension in your throat or stomach ache?

2. Examine and determine how you arrived at this condition.
Once you know your feeling, try to determine how you arrived at this emotion. What were you doing? Where were you and who were with? Is there a person who makes you inadequate? For example, your emotions could be triggered by certain thoughts or memories. If you begin to have a feeling without external reason, your thoughts may affect your emotions. Focus on positive thoughts and affirmations.

3. Accept your unwanted feelings or emotions as temporary reactions.
Even though your feelings are unwanted, you do not have to be controlled or identified with them. They could be your lessons that help to become stronger and capable person, who can manage yourself. Remind yourself, there are just times for your necessity of self- improvement, and you can handle with different emotions. By accepting your feeling as a temporary expression of your condition - only for that moment, next time you will be free of it.

4. Catch yourself when you exhibit the unwanted feeling and change your response.
At first, you may not notice the feeling until you go through it. It is possible other people can see it in your face. Think about how you feel in general and how you have handled yourself till now. Decide what you want to do next time and imagine the situation in your best light. One of the best ways to stay without reaction and do not show it. With the time, you will begin to catch yourself earlier and earlier before you feel it. Here is the moment when you can change the way of your reaction to other person or situation.

5. Move from the feeling and replace it with another one - more pleasurable.  
Many times we stay in habitual ruts that do not need to be as they are. And our behavior is just a result of repeating situations. In this reason, we should replace our old manners and act differently at this new moment. As well, you can shift your attention because every situation has multiple aspects. If you find a new point, it will be easy to avoid your triggers and focus on your good feelings.

6. Stay in your comfort zone, unaffected by the feelings of others.
For various reasons, some of us react in every situation or person and overload yourself with emotions, which should be released. Practice everyday meditation and imagine yourself as calmer and peaceful in different situations. Being mindful of your calmness, with a meditative mind, will help to pass the unwanted feelings by you and stay unaffected. It is not necessary to accumulate all of them.
Our unwanted feelings are the path to a person, who could be transformed and matured.