Improve Your Brain Focus and Memory with These 2 Methods

How often do you forget your keys, glasses or phone? This is a sign your mind is overloaded and not concentrated. In our busy lives, many of our actions are performed automatically, and our thoughts are jumping one after another. One of the side effects from the technological world, where technologies try to rule our existence. Rarely, people have a rest by doing nothing, because the mind just accustoms to so many external stimulations, which in turns lowers our focus, concentration, emotional intelligence, and ends our creative possibilities.

How to stay in the present and be the rulers of our life?
Our attention, concentration, and memory are the major mental skills, which are related to focusing on the present. If we can not focus properly, most of our situations are just not fully experienced. One of the general solutions is to keep the brain healthy with a balanced diet, physical exercises, stress management, and social engagement. Basically, our mind needs a rest every day. Give your brain time without thinking. You can go to meditate at the same time and free all thoughts. What else can we do to improve our concentration and mindfulness? The true path to mental clarity is the brain training. Being present in our surroundings and activities helps us to reconnect with our true self, notice our feelings and manage the stress.

Our brain is a supercomputer, which is the command center running our living and we are the most responsible to cultivate and rewire it, so to live a happy and healthy life. And one of the keys to complete mindfulness is staying in the present, without thinking about the past or future
When your "thinker" is busy, let it think about what you really do. All day we do many activities simultaneously, by thinking about something different. To focus on the task at hand is easy and simple like a child's game, and this game will be your smartest way to sharpen the mind. How to live in the moment and be more concentrated? How to become the best trainer of your brain and do not forget where are your personal belongings?

Behind all important mind skills and mindfulness is the ability of self-control. By improving your brain discipline, you improve its ability to focus, remember, and concentrate, because your brain does not need many complicated and simultaneous activities. Sometimes, it really needs rules. And to be sure, we are in the present - we should examine and ask ourselves, are we here and what we do now? Our presence in Here and Now is the Present.

Method 1: This method will help you to know and change your automatic activities. We start our day with same routines - we brush our teeth, take a shower, comb hair, etc. And we do all of these activities automatically, by thinking about something different. When we change the way of their performance, we will not continue to perform all other tasks automatically during the day. First, you should change their order - the sequence. Try to do them in a completely different way - brush your teeth with your left/right hand, take your shower by washing first your hair/ body, eat with the different hand, go down by the stairs, not by the lift, go to work in a different way.
Did you ask yourself how many routines and automatic habits you have? And all of them are challenged now. Provoke your brain to do the things in the opposite way, which have you done before. Repeat this test for several days, and your mind will be thankful. When the old brain rules are broken and reordered, this will make you more concentrated and ready not to do the things automatically.

Method 2: It is simple and will help you to realize how did you focus during the last day. How does your memory work? When you finish your day and go to relax, try to remember all your activities. Try to return in memory all doings with details. Where and what have you done during the past day? What clothes have you put? Who did you meet? In the beginning, it will be difficult to remember more than 10 of them. But with the time your brain will be more focused because it will expect the exam at the end of the day. If you want to be correct, prepare a draft and write them. Every next day your mind will be ready to perform the activities more consciously.
By examining and training our mind, the processes of remembering and concentration will work hand by hand, what we really need in this challenging world.