8 Surprising Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

In everyday life, we accept every chewing gum as a neutral productAnd we still do not know how healthy or not so, it could be for us. What happens to our body, while we are chewing gum?
It may seem, as nothing special for those who do it automatically, but it improves not only our teeth strength as well as our body health.
What does the gum improve?

1. Concentration - Chewing gum helps you concentrate better because it increases the rate of blood circulation, which brings extra oxygen and improves memory. Many researchers proved that the chewing gum is like a controller of the abilities for remembering, and boosts its efficiency up to 35%.

2. Feel refreshed - If getting up early is difficult for you or walking to school and work every morning is a boring routine, here is a better method for awakening. Be sure, with the mint taste, you will be fresh in a minute. Those, who often like to chew, are much less prone to lethargy, and they are more active than others. Even, it can help tired drivers to overcome their drowsiness on the steering wheel.

3. Reduces stress - Next time, when you feel stressed, try to chew a gum. In a minute, everything will come in its place. Because of the mouth movement, our gum makes a massage, applied to the most releasing the stress zones, which are jaws, bones, and muscles of our head. As a result, we receive an extra quantity of pure oxidized blood.

4. Protects teeth - Most of the dentists' advice include tooth-brushing after every meal, but hardly we are so disciplined. Fortunately, there is an easier option - to masticate. Increasing the saliva, it can wash all bacteria from your mouth and refreshes the breath.

5. Improves brain activity - A study conducted in Japan found that chewing gum helps people to handle more tasks simultaneously. Another one exposed in Britain proved that it helps a better performance of intellectual work. That's why, most of the young people prefer to chew at school or during the university exams, although it is not recommended.

6. Good alternative to the cigarette - There are many reasons to prefer the gum instead of the unhealthy nicotine. Just you can easily replace the wish for a cigarette burning with a fresh gum. In recent days, there is a new kind of nicotine gums, that help to get rid of the bad habit.

7Prevents travel sickness - During a trip, one mint gum is the best way to refresh yourself and avoid the tension of ears, because of the changing pressure. Even some airway companies offer the chewing glue to their passengers for a better flight.

8. Better digestion - If you chew a gum 15 minutes before or after eating, your stomach will do its job in a better way. Also, the secretion of more saliva assists the production of gastric acids, which makes this process considerably easier.
However, chewing gum could be unhealthy, too, because some brands contain dye, sugar, and chemical components /aspartame/ that are difficult to dispose of the body even may lead to increasing the body weight.

In addition, there are many medicinal chewing gums, that help to improve our health condition. One extra special kind is the Mastic gum - the first glue gum used by Greeks, which story is about 2500 years. Today, it is applied as an ingredient in many medications. In fact, this is the resin of the Mastic tree, which has a miraculous effect on our body health. It can treat gastrointestinal diseases, high cholesterol, viruses, cold, bad breath, even cancer.