What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality

Blood is blood, right? The most fundamental nourishment for human beings, which sustains their bodies alive but with differences specified by the agents of red cells. In fact, in 1900, the Austrian scientist Landsteiner discovered the four different types - A, AB, B, O, which was a new step of the medicine development. Later, one Japanese scientist - Takeji Furukawa worked on the blood categories and introduced ''The Study of Temperament Through The Blood Type''.

Today in Japan, everybody asks for this feature, because it is more important information about the personality than any other. Anyway, for good or bad, we should know our blood characteristic, even it is not urgent. The easiest way to find out your type is to give blood for testing or donate. In many cases, some of the types are not compatible, as well as we are not with every person. Behind the science facts, we are determined to be with different blood types, and respectively with different temperaments. This could be a valuable clue for understanding our own uniqueness.

Type A - As may seem, calm on the outside, but filled with worry and anxiety inside. Commonly, this is the perfectionist of the types, who has a very sensible and shy individuality. Usually introverted, but a stable and polite person. He/she is a very good listener, with a sensitivity to colors, energies, and surroundings. They try to fulfill with peace and harmony their daily communications, even in complicated situations. One of the hidden traits of  A-type personality is their desire to lead others in the group. In spite of that, people like them because they are very reliable and predictable. According to Japanese research, these individuals can understand better someone who has the same blood type or AB.

Type B - People with blood type B are the most practical. They succeed in every endeavor which they seek because they work hard and learn every aspect of a task, that should complete. All the time B-type individuals are concentrated on their goals and this makes them hyper-focused, and sometimes disconnected with the outer world. Very ambitious and strongly dedicated to seemingly impossible goals. Often, they are very strange because of their unconventional thinking, and people accept them as too different and cool. These people are with genuine, creative and artistic personality and relate better to individuals with the same blood type or with AB.

Type AB - People with blood type AB are the most difficult to be categorized. Only about 2-5% of the population of the Earth is with this blood type. Time to time, they reveal their dual nature and this makes them unpredictable and uncommunicative. They are authentic and reasonable because they need to fulfill their obligations when it is required from them. Ready to help to anyone, as long as they have an opportunity. AB- type individuals are interested in the metaphysical world and arts. Sometimes, they set requirements for others and when a person does not meet their expectations, quickly lose their interest. That's why in Japan, it is believed that a person with AB type needs a partner with the same blood group.

Type O - The biggest part of people have O/ zero/ type. They are energetic, communicative and friendly, more flexible and adaptable than any other from the types. It is easy to be convinced to big projects, but they need more time for its implementation because they are very consistent in a long term. With the typical sincerity, they say what they think, but appreciate the opinion of others. In Japan, these people are well-known with their self-respect. That's why they are considered as the best choice for close relationships. They are compatible with all types.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses so that we can strive and seek our perfection.
What is your blood type? What do your genes say through the blood characteristic? It is the answer of your responsibilities to the world.