Nettle - Health Benefits Of The Queen Of Herbs

Have you ever been stung by the nettle leaves? It is hard to forget the burning effect on the skin, isn't it? But this can not be the reason to deny us of using one of the healthiest plants on the Earth. Stinging nettle is found all over the world, and grow every year around this time - in the spring months. Since ancient times, it is used not only for medicinal purposes but also for food, drink, and fiber for clothes. Today its roots, leaves, and seeds are used to treat different body disorders, from urinary infections to allergies. This is a well- known, but the forgotten wealth of nature.

Whether you prepare a tea, soup or salad, you can be sure, nettle is the magical plant that will supply your body with all necessary vitamins- A, C, B9, K, PP and minerals- iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphor, zinc, selenium, etc.
It is less known the fact that nettle contains a lot of protein and eight important amino acids, which are recommended for vegetarians, children, and adults. Also, the leaves of the nettle are very rich in flavonoids, chlorophyll, phytoncides, glucosides, which makes it a good antioxidant decreases the acidity in the body, and prevents from cancer.
If you include this herb in your daily menu this will prevent the body from many disorders:

Nettle herb for anemia
Because of the big amounts iron, this herb can treat and prevent anemia. More than 30% of people do not know they have iron deficiency and hidden anemia, which results in other disorders. Besides the iron, this plant offers everything to revive the body from long-term illness and fatigue.

For hormonal health
The stinging herb has the unique ability to optimize the endocrine system, especially the roots and leafs, which work intelligently to regulate the sex hormones as for men as for women. In this reason, this is the fertility booster which can be used to restore the ovarian functions, menstrual cycle, and assist a pregnancy. As far as proved this natural drug can maintain men hormonal health because it is a prostate aid and testosterone booster.

For allergies
Seasonal allergy, hay fever, and asthma affect million people, and the tea from nettle is effective in controlling the itching, sneezing and coughing symptoms typically for these conditions. This magical herb can not be compared with any other medicament, which role is to promote the immune system and alleviate all symptoms.

For hair and skin care.
There is no other medicinal plant that can help to regrow lost hair and at the same time works for skin care. As a result of the complete supplement for the body, the stinging herb heals dandruff and beautify the skin. Indeed, all vitamins and minerals of the prickly plant can nourish and treat acne, rashes, eczema, and hives. As well, the tea of nettle can slow your hair graying process when it is applied internally and externally. It will be a wiser choice instead of the all cosmetic products.

For gall bladder and liver system.
The healing herb is one of the best purifiers for the liver and gall bladder systems. Every body depends on its purifying systems, it is necessary to boost their activity twice per year for 20-30 days, we could gain a perfect health. Also, it can melt the bile stones, if you mix with the mint herb. By drinking the nettle tea 2-3 times per day, there will not be a reason to be sick.

For kidney inflammation and cystitis.
As well the leafs of the herb are one of the best natural diuretics, known by ancient medicine. This powerful effect is beneficial for kidney activity and helps to eliminate their stones. Also, nettle detoxifying activity kills bacteria that cause cystitis and other urinary infections.

For diabetes
There is no better herb that can beneficially influence diabetes and high sugar level. That's why it is better to include the leafs not only as tea but also as food. If you think nettle taste and aroma are strange, you can mix it with organic yogurt and eat it by your choice.

For bleeding and old wounds.
Like any other medicinal plant, nettle can treat every kind internal or external bleeding - menstrual, teeth, and old wounds. It is very beneficially to apply the open wound with steamed leaves, which stimulate the process of healing.

For weight loss, cellulite and varicose veins.
It is a well-known fact that cellulite is caused by the overloaded liquids in the subcutaneous layer of the body. Unfortunately, this is not just a cosmetic defect but a sign of inefficient activity of the lymphatic system. Nettle purifies the lymph and stimulates the blood system activity, which also leads to a reduction of the overweight and visible varicose veins. If you want to have a beautiful body, drink the tea 30 minutes before eating, to obtain the beneficial effect.

For high blood pressure.
Because of the diuretic activity, the stinging herb is good for high blood pressure. To prepare a healing tea is necessary to absorb all beneficial stuff from the plant and only one-hour extraction has these properties.

For joint pain and arthritis.
It turns out the stinging nettle leaves and their burning effect can treat the pain in the joints. When you rub with fresh leaves your painful area of the body, the plant excretes a stuff that eliminates the pain and heals the joints.

Whatever your pain is, this herb is a universal treatment. It beneficially influences gastrointestinal disease, constipation, ulcer, colitis, different lungs inflammation and bronchitis, herpes, hemorrhoids, etc.
It is appropriate for every age, even for pregnant women because it assists the fetus during pregnancy and stimulates milk production, by supporting the body of the nursing mother.
When one natural drug can treat more than twenty diseases, surely it can be the queen of the herbs