Several Seconds Sun Watching Can Change Your Life

Since ancient times the sun has been associated with an extraordinary divinity, which power is still the greatest source of energy and life. But, actually, what is the role of the biggest light for Earth and human beings? Perhaps without it, we should live in the darkness and life would be completely different for every creature on the planet. Nothing could replace the importance of this luminary, which rays have not only a healing effect on our body but also contributes to the evolution of human beings.

What is sun eating?
This is a very old method applied by Mayan, Aztecs, Egyptians which is a simple way to accumulate the solar energy, through watching it. In addition, it has been found our bodies could eat the sun's energy and light not only to improve the body health and to reduce the necessity of food but also to obtain superhuman abilities. It may sound like an unusual health treatment, but only those who are persistent of its implementation will realize the miracle of the sunlight.

Today, eating the sun is known as sun-gazing or Heliotherapy, which is practiced by many people who are well-prepared for it. And it is not just to have a look at the sun in the morning, but it is a regularly repeated watching which duration should increase with 10 seconds every time until it continues 20-30 minutes. There are sun-watchers who can eat this amazing energy several hours and their body is in perfect health.
As well, to be properly implemented this practice must be done within an hour after sunrise or before sunset, to avoid the damaging the eyes. At this time, when the ultraviolet rays are healthiest for the human body.  Also, it is better to be barefooted or in contact with the Earth, sand or mud, so to prepare the body for the strong power.

What happens to the body?
In fact, this is the most profound stimulation for the body, which brings wonderful changes. By allowing the sunlight into the darkest place in our body - our head /cranial box/, we admit its energy to heal directly our body and mind. There is no better way, to purify our thoughts and vision of life, even more, to raise our mental abilities. If you try this ancient practice, you will be free of stress and accept every difficult situation with calmness and maturity. Surely, sun-gazing can change your life, but you should be ready for it.

In the beginning, it will not be easy to watch the sun for more than several seconds, that's why do not strain your eyes to do it without comfort. This ancient method is some kind concentration in the sunlight, which resembles meditation. Even more, this is the sunny meditation which will raise the level of our consciousness and open our superhuman abilities - telepathy, self- healing, energy control, which we forget we have had. In fact, this practice will provide all health benefits only if you continue to do it regularly for 3-6 months. In the initial phase, it is possible to feel some imbalance or depression, but with the progress, every discomfort will disappear.

Health benefits of eating the sun.
By influencing our body, the biggest luminary helps to boost our energy, increase melatonin and serotonin levels, improves the quality of sleep, calm the nervous system, increase pineal gland, stimulate the better eyesight and endocrine health, boost the immune system, supply with enough quantity of vitamin D, and keeps us younger. Also, it is proved sun- eating can treat different kind cancers and other rare diseases.

However, some people accept the sunrise only with the beginning of the day and the time for work and engagements. Unfortunately, it is true in our busy lives, and we should get rid of this habit and do not miss to notice the biggest light and healer in the universe. You could be one of those, who understands and can use this energy source.
Let's step out of habits to be busy and sick, but be ready to open our superhuman abilities and control completely our health condition.