The Secret of Love Is Revealed

Since ancient times, people have tried to discover the secret of love and even more, how and why people want to fall in it.
In the month of wine and love, most of you dream or think about the pleasant feeling of "fluttering butterflies" in the stomach. Finally, there is a real evidence that behind the processes of falling in love is hidden a big chemical laboratory of our body and the necessity of the soul to receive and give the love energy. Anyway, we should mention our genetic, social, cultural characteristics, which help to happen this miracle.

Why we are physically attracted?
It is scientifically proven, the first step of the love affair is a pure animal desire for physical contact with the opposite gender, and it includes hugs, cuddling, kissing, and sex. Also, the attraction of the physical beings is determined by the level of hormones, which for women are estrogens and for men are androgens. Surely most of you have experienced their effect, which is similar to opiates. The researchers show, that the necessary time for two persons to attract each other is between 1,5 and 4 minutes.

However, the processes of falling in love are controlled by three main chemical agents, which are adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. When we are close to our lovely object, the adrenaline levels quickly rise and conducts to increased heart rate, dry mouth, sweating, etc. As well, for new couples, whose dopamine levels are very high, and serotonin levels are low, makes them feel happier.
From a biochemical viewpoint, exactly this process stimulates the brain activity, physical endurance, and lower the needs of food and sleep - very similar to the effect of drugs. That's why very often people are dizzy with the thought of the beloved ones and their condition is like crazy in love.

Why we are attached to the loved one?
If dopamine and serotonin levels are responsible for the falling in love, so the other important chemical of our body is oxytocin. Its secretion is stimulated by the physical consumption of the love relationship and causes the release of endorphins, which are the natural opiates of the body. These hormones are the main reason for the deep feelings, closeness, emotional security, comfort, and attachment, which everyone needs.
All these chemical substances are produced by the body and have a healing effect.
Now you know what happens with our body in physical level, but fortunately, we have soul, mind, and character, too.

Why we need to find our true partner?
There is nothing wonderful, to meet someone with who can share everything- feelings, interests, life, etc. In other words to be compatible with our darling as much as possible. When we can complement each other, we feel ourselves more completed. But the thin string of this completion is to remember not to replace our center of love. This means to love and accept enough our self and the partner, so as to stay and leave him/her to be independent for everything. All the time people change and develop themselves and need understanding for this. By revealing how important is this process, we will be ready to realize a complete and lasting relationship.
Be mindful of your partner's unique nature and reveal the secret of love, which way is leading to freedom, health, and happiness.