10 Simple Rules To Stay Younger Forever

The biggest misconception of these days is to define the ages according to the number of birthdays.
That's why some people focus on their look and how to buy their youth. Fortunately, ages are not only our appearance but our inner mindset for them. Day by day, our body receives the suggestion of how to accept itself, and if we put a program for getting older, it will. We all are a reflection of our inner world. So, youth and aging processes, first start inside us, because it depends on our way of thinking. living, mental level, and body response. 
When we know what is the best for our mind and body, youth will never leave us.
And if you follow these rules, surely you will feel and look younger:

1. Try to wake up every day as early as possible or not after 7 o'clock, so to adjust your body clock to the sunrise. At this time, all energies are pure and life-giving and your body will easily refresh itself. Do not think sleeping late can rejuvenate you. It is better to go to sleep earlier instead of oversleeping in the morning.

2. Do some physical exercises and do not overwhelm your body energy possibilities. During the day, alternate the break and activity, thus to keep the balance.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables and give your body food only when you are hungry. Sometimes, it just needs to rest from eating. Drink water and set a water day of the week, when the quantity of consumed water is more than the food.

4. Give your brain work. Do not stop to study and induce your mind to remember. Be like kids, be curious and learn different short texts of songs, rhymes or jokes.

5. Meditate. Take your 15 minutes every day and stop talking and thinking- just concentrate in the silence. This is the easiest way to relieve the stress and balance yourself physically and mentally.

6. Be positive. It is scientifically proven that optimistic people live better and longer because the positive attitude is the cheapest fountain of life.

7. Always dream and seek your goals. It doesn't matter the ages, life is almost impossible without dreams and their achievement.

8. Most importantly love, be sincere and thankful for everything- for the good and the bad. In this way, you will never be angry with people or life. Anxiety, nervosity, and stress are the biggest enemies to youth.

9. Be in contact with nature. What nature can give you, any other could not. The sun, the earth, the fresh air, the water, animals, and plants can help beneficially to recharge our body batteries because we are a part of them.

10. Choose, create and live your ages.
Do not count your years and tell your body, conscious and subconscious how old you are. Recall some pleasant memories and remind yourself how you felt when you were twenty-five years old. If you decide to get old, surely you will. Do not repeat the mistake of your parents or grandparents, to expect your adulthood. Our body has the unique possibilities to renew every day and to slow down the process of aging.
Now, you are as young as you think you are.