Why Everybody Needs This Foot Massage

How many of us have cold feet permanently? How many of us need thick socks to warm your feet? Some of you suffer from cold feet not only in the cold seasons.
And our feet should be ready to beat up every day, so they support us while we walk, run, sit, dance and stand. They accumulate the pressure all the time not only from the work they do but also from the body weight they wear. In fact, they can reveal our health condition because literally are our body foundation filled with energy health zones. When we massage them, we stimulate these reflexology points which are related to the overall body health. By influencing these important zones, we influence different organs and improve the energy flow in the whole body, as well the functioning of the nervous system and blood circulation, release the stress, etc.

The most effective way to massage our feet points of health is with a ball because we can trust our sense for pressure and pain. Rolling our foot over the object can detect and release the sore spots. Actually, it is a very convenient self-massage which can be performed everywhere and can speed up the healing process of the body. It is not important what kind of ball you have - tennis, golf, glass ball or a water bottle -it is enough to use a rounded object.

Every area is an energy channel for a certain organ. The secret of the energy points has been revealed by Chinese healers, which is used till today. Here is the chart with all important points, which can help you to find your sensitive areas and know which energy channel needs to be unblocked. Not every time this means you have a certain disease because it just could be energy disbalance or temporary blockages.

How to make the massage with a ball?
 In general, the steps to this type massage are very easy to implement:
  • Remove the shoes from your feet.
  • While standing or sitting on a chair, place your foot on the ball.
  • Start to roll the ball forward and back along the entire bottom of the foot and apply moderate pressure.
  • Slowly move and increase the pressure through the foot, then release and repeat.
  • Find and hold on your sensitive areas for 30 seconds or until you can endure the increased discomfort.
  • Continue to move 15- 20 minutes with every foot.
If you feel too much pain or currently you have an injury to your foot, maybe it is better to avoid this type of massage!
Also, you can warm up your feet quickly, if you use a water bottle filled with hot water.
Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle, but our body has its necessity to improve the energy flow and blood circulation all the time, and when they are stuck this could be a reason for some unhealthy conditions. There is no disease which could not be influenced by the releasing energy massage. Soon you will forget about a migraine, back pain, hormonal disorders, etc.
Well, when we know our body better, we could be our best healers!