How to Protect Your Body From Computer Devices

Today, in the fast growing technological world, life is almost impossible without computers, tablets or smartphones. All these tools are useful, but not very healthful, because of the all unhealthy factors- bright light, too many colors, pixels, moving icons, even tiny amounts of radioactivity. Everything goes into our eyes, brain and whole body energy system, which could be permanently damaged.
At home, outside or at work, people from different ages sit in front of the monitors and accustom with the eyestrain or a headache. As a result, we receive a condition called ''Syndrome of the computing eyesight'', which symptoms are dryness and eye tension.
Certainly, our eyes are not the only parts of the body, which are affected by all devices, but they are the main.
To protect our body from computers' influence is better to observe some simple hygiene habits.
  • Try to sit in front of the computer screen in about one arm distance and prepare your body to be in the right position. It is recommended to be on the same level as the eyes, and the body in the 90' position. Choose comfortable chair, desk, and screen size.
  •  Reduce the screen glare and regulate the room lighting, so as the difference with the light of the room is not very big.
  • Use glasses with anti-reflective protection and put a note "BLINK" as a reminder next to the screen. Normally, people blink about 18 times per a minute, but studies show we blink half that often when we use some of the electronic devices. Blinking is one of the most important functions of the eyes, that protect them. Furthermore, it has been proved that this activity releases the stress in the whole brain system. Some scientists compare blinking with a restart of our ''computer''. If you close your eyes more often, this can save you from many unhealthy conditions, even from the psychic strain. In addition, our brain will improve the most important neurophysiological processes. As a result, from the regular blinking, all the brain impulses are slower and effective for its functions. Try to blink consciously for a minute, twice per day.
  •  Every 20 minutes shift your eyes' position and look for an object, which is very close, or far from you. Do some exercises with your eyes - look around, make circles, look up and down and press your eyes with hands, to improve the blood circulation.
  •  Make regular breaks in every 50 minutes from the computer work and do some different activities. Some simple physical exercises: twist your body, hands, and wrists, and make several circles with them. Then completely stretch your body with raised hands.
  • Drink more water, fresh juice, tea all the time, to protect your body from dehydration.
  • Eat food, rich in vitamin C, A. D, E, omega-3 acids, zinc, and selenium, which you can receive from fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and plant oils.
  •  Regularly ventilate the room, and breathe some fresh air consciously every 2 hours, because we almost forget to do it in this steady position.
  •  Use artificial teardrops, to refresh your eyes, when you feel them drier.
  •  During the working process, our body skin becomes drier and drier. That's why you can regularly apply your face and hands skin with plant oils /almond, coconut, olive oil/ or choose one proper for your skin type. They could be the best defense for all parts that are in contact with the device.
  •  Put a flower, a glass of water or another thing from nature /stones, crystals/ close to the screen that can decrease the damaging radioactive waves.
Let's the tendency, to be more informed, does not play an unhealthy role for you and keep you attached to the modern devices all the time.
Try to find the balance and communicate with people alive, because our nature is to exchange experience, knowledge, energy, and feelings.