The Healing Power of Clay

What is clay? Isn't it dirt, is it? Soil or earth? Both are the same. Made up of soil, plants, and water. And here is the formula - Soil + Water + Sun = Life
The answer is: This dirt isn't just dirt - It is life!

Since ancient times, the very fine-grained soil is known as a miraculous substance with healing abilities, which contain all earth minerals as well as in the human body. By revealing the power of this creature, many African, Indian and Egyptian healers from different cultures, applied it to their traditional medicine till today. Even Cleopatra used it to beautify and refresh herself.

All animals, birds, and insects are accustomed to the clay, too, and often eat and bath with it. Naturally, little children like this beneficial dirt and show how to use it, while playing on the ground.
In recent days, some people has included this earth wealth to their daily menu as a food, that's why they often are named Chalk- eaters or Earth-eaters.

The healing power of the soil comes from its 16 basic minerals, that includes oxygen - 36,5%, Silica - 28%, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and the very rare Radium. It is the main radioactive element, which in tiny amounts can effectively eliminate tumor cells and decay processes through its radioactivity. Once the soil gets in contact with our body, it knows how to isolate abnormal cells and leads to growing the cells- healers in the remedial process. It has an alkalizing effect and can absorb all toxins, heavy metals and free radicals from the body.

The power of clay can balance our electromagnetic body system because it cures through the Sun, Earth, and Water energy, at once. As much near to a pure river or mountain, it has been obtained, as better medicinal characteristic has every soil. All sands and muds are with a different chemical containing and the most prevailing element determines its color, which could be green, red, yellow, white, etc.
The healing clay is from a healing earth, where only the sun-baked is therapeutic and alive.

External use
In most cases, the healthy soil is applied for cosmetic procedures and skin treatment, which is also beneficial for eczema, acne, psoriasis, seborrhea, parasites, microbes, Candida, etc. Effectively can open the full body capacity of energy, with one-time massage. There isn't any other better lifter, purifier, and revitalizer for the aging skin which can help to regrow lost hair and have an anti-dandruff effect, too.
Moreover, it can heal old wounds, stretched mussels or tendons, varicose veins, applied as a compress made up of mash with different herbs - chamomile, nettle, calendula, etc.

Internal use
Notably, the practice of eating and drinking the essence of life is not new. Thousands of years ago, people knew how to use this natural remedy. They realized that only one spoon clay in 50- 60 ml water as a drink, 2-3 times per day before eating is enough to prevent anemia, diabetes, digestive problems, high levels of cholesterol, constipation, hormonal disorders, allergies, sinusitis, respiratory inflammations, etc.
Later, it was proved, this earth wealth can protect our DNA from destructive processes of the cells, which is the most common reason for the modern diseases.

A pure clay could be one good healing food with anti-poisoning effect and relief stomachache, diarrhea, as a natural regulator.
To spread the use of clay, some people prepare different toothpaste and complete mouth hygiene, which protect from caries, decay, bad breath, periodontal disease and sustain whiter teeth.
As well as one natural disinfectant, instead of the toxic cleaners for home purity, which can not be harmful to the skin.

Can everyone use the clay?
If people want to be close to a natural green living, the healing power of clay could be beneficial for everyone, even for pregnant women and children.
There isn't any other natural source of nature, which power is amazing for our health.