11 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen as a Super Food and Drug

What is Bee Pollen?
A plenty of little pollen pellets, with the typical for honey products smell, color, and taste, which could be an essential food and drug. In spite of the size, they contain all necessary healthy sources for our body. Thanks to the hard work of bees, we know and can consume this amazing extract of life. In order, to collect one teaspoon of bee pollen, these creatures need 8 hours daily for one month. Every time, when bees obtain the pellets, they add to gathered flowers pollens their saliva, that makes them unique with healing properties.

Chemical analysis of the bee pollen shows, it is nutritionally diverse and contains all vitamins B complex, folic acid, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins much more than any animal source. Also, it is richer in amino acids than eggs, cheese, and meat, that are ready to be used directly by the body. That's why this could be a super food and a drug, which can be used medicinally for a wide range of conditions:

1. Natural Energizer - It can nourish our body in a faster way, which help to enhance our energy, and easy overcome our daily stress and fatigue. All carbohydrates, proteins, and B vitamins will keep us active all day, without a rest.

2. Immunity Booster -  It is proved, this natural remedy has antibiotic type abilities, which can protect the body from invading viruses. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants, that can prevent cells from a damaging oxidation of free radicals.

3. Respiratory system - Because of all these antioxidants, bee pollen has anti-inflammatory effects on lung tissues and prevents the onset of asthma. Also, it supports the body to eliminate every respiratory disease.

4. Allergy treatment - Reducing histamine presence, it can effectively relieve many allergies. Several studies suggest, that the bigger part of people consumed the bee pellets were completely free of their allergies. All kinds, from asthma to sinus allergies are treated with bee pollen.

5. Promote the work of digestive system - In addition to all vitamins, minerals, and proteins, bee pollen contains rare enzymes, that are important for digestion. They assist the body in getting all nutrients, which our body needs from the food. Bee pollen can regulate appetite, too.

6. Treat addictions - Properly used as a natural remedy that heals addictions and cravings by suppressing brain impulses. Moreover, it improves brain function and activities which prevents from depressions.

7. Support cardiovascular system - The large amount of  Rutin, which is an antioxidant and bioflavonoid, helps strengthen capillaries and blood vessels and corrects cholesterol levels. Potentially, it can prevent heart attack and stroke.

8. Boost fertility - Bee pollen can stimulate and restore ovarian functions, therefore, it can be used to assist pregnancy accelerating. As well as being a hormonal booster, it could be a great aphrodisiac.

9. Prostate aid - This natural drug is as healthful for women as for men. It can relieve prostate hyperplasia symptoms, reduce inflammation and frequent urination.

10. Heal diabetes - Improving the production of insulin, bee pollen can regulate the levels of blood glucose.

11. Improve Skin and Hair condition. Bee pollen is often used in products for treating irritated and inflamed skin, even for eczema and psoriasis. Directly applied, it can help to regrow lost hair in a faster way, too.

How should bee pollen be consumed?
It depends on your age, what amount of this super food can be added to your breakfast, meal or drink. It is recommended, one teaspoon for children and one full soup spoon for adults 2-3 times per day. You can consume it directly or mix it with yogurt, honey or oatmeal.
Let food be our medicine!