5 Signs Your Brain Needs More Water

Does your brain need more water? Lack of water affects all your body parts, as well, your thinker. When you do not drink enough water, your brain becomes like a dried fruit, which loses its natural shape and limits many functional cells. Drinking water is essential for all brain functions, even in determining it to be happy.

What Does Your Navel Reveal About Your Personality

Have you heard that the shape of your belly button can tell a lot about your identity? It may sound unreal, but this is the truth - your navel can reveal your personality which even your parents and friends do not know. There is no scientific evidence about this fact, but there are many types of research which unify the people with a similarity of their belly button shapes and their individuality.

These Herbs Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

When the hottest period of the year is here, we should help our body to beat the heat. According to Chinese medicine, summer is the season of the fire element, which is related to our heart, tongue, and intestine. In addition, this period activates our emotional condition and relations with relatives, friends, and coworkers. It is also said the fire element in our body determines our warm feelings and attitude toward other people. However, when the heat is too active and not balanced inside of our body, it can cause symptoms such as burning, intense thirst, irritability, and headache. How to prevent our body from these temporary conditions?