Why Gratitude is the Magic Elixir of Life

What will happen, if we put gratitude first? Miracles. Yes, we could be grateful for things even they are still not happening and need to attract them into our life. Expressing gratitude is one of the secrets for happier living because it turns our mind to what we have into enough. Countless studies have proven the amazing effect when we focus on feelings of gratitude - we can shift our mindset. Being tuned to the frequency of gratitude, we can positively change our health and personal life. It is not the joy that makes us grateful - it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

How Forgiveness Rewires Your Brain

Do you know a simple act of forgiveness can change your brain state? Scientifically it was proven our human brain needs time to build its new neural paths and delete the old hurts. In fact, subconsciously it takes around three-six months to process and complete the harmony from this important for our health condition. It involves a unique psychological change to both the brain and the immune system.

Haw Can Fairy Tales Improve Your Life

Do you like fairy tales? Who is your favorite hero? Most of us remember those amazing bedtime stories in our childhood, which help us to believe in something special. Recently, several psychological research prove they are the biggest source of life wisdom which could positively change our modern life. In fact, fairy tales are well-used base in psychology as a therapy for education, behavior adjustments, creative and positive thinking, and personal growth for every age.