7 Reasons To Have a Walk on Sand

In the past, people have walked barefoot every day. From morning till evening, they were without shoes and went on the sand, rocks, grass, and had a better health. These days we can not do the same as our ancestors but the summer is the perfect time to discover this pleasure with a walk on the soft sand. Even more, the beach covering will bring more wonderful moments and let us feel away from the working mood. Here are several reasons to have a walk on the sand and take some vitamin Sun.

What Are The Healing Powers of Sea Water

Do you have a beach near you? As though your mind drives you to go there just to unleash your good mood and health. What is hidden behind these inner needs? One of the main reason is the beneficial sea water, which heals with its powers at three levels - physical, mental, and spiritual. After every swimming, our mind and body feel light and liberated, as though we wash off all negativity. It is scientifically proven that people who live near a sea have better health and mood.

1 Releasing Technique to Regenerate Your Body Cells

In recent years we all need to know how to release the tension in the body and manage the stress, so to be free from them. According to last researches of the French expert and healer Rene Mey, only four percent of diseases are genetically determined, ten percent depending on our food, drinks, environment and all chemicals which we take, and the other eighty-six percent are the result of our accumulated emotions and stress.