How to Renew Your Body with Sea Salt

It is not a secret our human bodies have the same mineral containing as the sea salt. Even more, we are created with a part of our tongue to taste saltiness. It is not casual this earth treasure is often used in different therapies for healing and rejuvenation, as well it could be the best tool to protect and clear our energy body. Sea salt has a crystalline structure like no other earth source which is a byproduct of the sea water evaporation. It contains more than 80 essential elements necessary for the better health of the body.

How to Improve Your Life with a Paper Hand

Is it possible to improve your life with a paper napkin? Yes, of course. There is a method which was created by an Indian psychologist, named Vikram Patel. He has decided to help more people to know and use their strengths thus to maintain a better mood and have a satisfying life. When they should cope with a life situation, he applied a simple method with a paper napkin which resembles a kid play.

5 Mental Tricks to Protect Your Energy Body

In these busy days, we sometimes meet people who do not resonate with our mood and energy. However, our energy body should stay uninfluenced by their attitude, and feelings. Every person needs some methods to protect and keep calm yourself in daily situations with different characters. Most people bring some influence and we can gently transform it and make beneficial to everyone. We know every one of us needs time to adjust yourself to others and their influence.