Why Is the Smell of Cut Grass So Good For Your Brain

Grass - green, green grass. How does it smell? There is no human being who can not guess the fresh scent of cut green grass. Because of the increased grass growth and its cutting this season, all green areas become the source of this unique odor. As a result, one of the most important senses of our body is influenced by the earth green covering. It is scientifically proven, only as we think about the fresh green grass, our mind associates it with the calmness, rest, and pleasurable moments. And, what is hidden behind this brain reaction? Why is the smell of fresh cut grass so important for our health?

What Are the Healing Powers of Morning Dew

When spring is already here, it brings all nature presents, and one of them is the morning dew. It is a magnificent gift of Mother Nature which modern people do not know its healing powers. In recent days most of us just admire this natural phenomenon but in the past, it was a well-known remedy for many diseases. Our ancestors used these pure drops to heal their bodies, prolong their life, and keep their skin younger. It is time to reconnect with the earth energies and walk barefooted thus to feel the freshness and pleasure of contact with these amazing pearls and how they act.

5 Tips to Manage Your Spring Fatigue

As spring knocks on the doors, everything starts awakening, and most of us have an increased need for energy. During this amazing time, our body has to adjust to this seasonal change. New beginnings are coming and we also enter the period of growth, purifying, and shift. Our lack of vitality could be the result of many outer and inner factors, which could make us feel lethargic or less motivated. How can we manage this condition and move ahead to the hot summer?