7 Main Factors to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our brain is one of the most important organs which distinguishes the human nature from other creatures on Earth. It is the complex living structure which leads us in the way to our reality. Placed inside of our head, this is the conductor of our thinking, walking, eating, creating and all other human activities. However, our human mind is influenced by many factors, which we can improve. If we want to enter the better reality, we have to create conditions for it. What are the main factors necessary to grow our good thoughts and keep our brain healthy?

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

As we know, singing brings a lot of joy to many people around the world. Some of them sing at home, in the bath, other share this pleasure with friends or on the stage. However, if you know how this activity can improve your health, you will not want to keep silent anymore.

6 Golden Rules of Your Peaceful Mind

In these busy days, our mind is like a boat in the ocean - it just needs to find a calm place, far away from the storms of life. In the root of every restless condition which we face every time is our inability to gain the inner calmness. If you are ready to make your peace of mind your priority, your life will become completely different. Every one of us needs to be free from the habit to respond in a stressful way in different situations. Being prepared and know the key to your peaceful mind is the weapon against all worries and stress. How to lead gently your boat in the coming new times?