Do You Know The Body Center of Happiness

Some people seek their happiness all the time in the outer world but unexpectedly, it is much closer to us, than we think. We are all born with a center of happiness and still do not know how to use it. Let's find and take care of it.

Where is it?
Fortunately, it is a part of our body - just in the center of the breast, with the medical name Thymus. This is a gland, which originality comes from the Greek language and means 'vital energy', also well-known by Eastern medics as the 'center of happiness', but some doctors called 'the point of youth', and rightly so.
Whatever is the name of this gland, it can help to neutralize the negative energy, boost the immune system and sustain our vital condition.

The thymus gland is a central body organ, which size is completely developed in a newborn baby /25 cm3/- almost 20 grams - 0,05% of the baby body weight. In the beginning, it is as big as an orange, but in the next stages of life, it becomes smaller and smaller, until it reaches the size of a pea. It is a hormonal center, produces different internal secretions - white blood cells, called T-lymphocytes or T-cells. Their main function is to prevent an attack from any abnormal cell growth, bacteria, fungus or other invaders, from foreign substances, that are trying to multiply in the body.

Perhaps, this gland is the most mysterious organ, which is still in a study researching, and certainly, it has a main role in the connection of our mind and body energy balance.
Such a luck, we have this hormonal center, which we can stimulate and activate, even to return to a size that has been in our earliest ages.

How could this happen?
Simply touch, tenderly tap or massage this point every day for 2-3 minutes, while breathing deeply. At the same time, you can repeat positive affirmations: "I am young, strong and beautiful", "Everything is OK in my life!", "I am happy", or whatever you want. If you tap on it, using your fingers or a fist, try to choose a rhythm, so that, your body can respond correctly, and unlock this sacral place.
Choose your words and rhythm and try it. It is very effective if you have frequent episodes of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress. Preferably, do it several times per day and attain your body harmony. In this way, you can control and return your vital condition every time, when you need, and everything is in your hands. Our body is not created to suffer, but to rely on its natural healing abilities, which we should know and use.

How will you know, that your Thymus is active and intensified?
You will feel the rush of new fresh energy and some tingling in the body. If you properly activate your point of happiness you will feel the result after 5-7 days.

Can this gland be activated with any stuff?
Of course, yes. Whether it is casual or not so, there is a herb with the same name - Thymus Herb - Thyme. It is rich in many antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins which can sustain Thymus gland in a better condition.

Also, there are special substances, contained in colostrum, that can help to stimulate this power center, which role is to boost the immune system. Perhaps, because of this reason, babies have the biggest size of this gland, who are completely dependent on mother's milk, which mainly consists it. There is no chance to become babies again, but we can eat more dairy products or add colostrum as an immune booster to our daily menu for a while.

In a current study testing of this important body center, has been developed its conception. Some British scientists have created an artificial gland in mice, using DNA cells from embryos, which is one more step to better health and prolonged life for human beings.
To open your center of happiness is a personal choice. Do not expect a bliss or false paradise, depending on other people, things or places, but create and cultivate it, because you are responsible for it.