Health Benefits of Frozen Water

WATER is the best natural remedy for our body, which consistency is 80% of it, and which existence is not possible without it. 

What kind of water, we need? Clear, mineral or...
Frozen water is the aqua vitae! Different names, but the same meanings of the structured water.
Why is it structured?
With an extraordinary and specific construction of molecules, similar to the liquid in bodies of all creatures on the Earth.

As a result of ice melting, where all the molecules are not scattered randomly but are attached to one another, forming some semblance of a macromolecule. It is not crystallized and reminds of ice molecular pattern. This liquid is different not only in its structure but in the process of obtaining. We cannot buy or get it if we do not prepare in several easy steps.

First, choose a container - metal is better than plastic, where you can put and freeze the water in the freezer. The time required for the initial freezing process is 2-3 hours. As long as, it is covered with ice, which is formed by the "heavy" water molecules. Exactly these molecules are not very beneficial for our body, because of hydrogen isotopes /deuterium and tritium/ containing, which allow water freezing in 3°С,  and have a harmful effect on the body. When we take this ice out, we clear the water from the isotopes, where the rest of the liquid is a "lighter water". Then, this light fluid can continue the freezing process /3-4 hours/, which result is the miraculous Protic water that can heal almost every disease. After its melting, the liquid looks like a brine, without any sense of smell and specific taste.
Naturally saturated with silica and calcium, an essential micro-elements, that contributes the absorption of all other elements in the human body. Moreover, there are no salts of heavy metals, radionuclides and various kinds of pathogenic bacteria. In this way, we can prepare the clearest water in the world with healing properties.

Is this the perfect water for our body?
If it is almost the same to the structure of our human body fluids - easily absorbed without unnecessary energy loss, brings maximum benefits. Why not? It can heal, revive and renew our body in a natural way, like any other drug. 

All the amazing abilities of this natural remedy is to improve metabolism, increase blood circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, soothes joints and muscle pain, beautify the skin condition, helps the body resists to stress and viruses reduce weight and diabetes.
Some people prefer to drink their drinks with melted ice and do not suffer from colds. Other just like the ice to refresh and cool themselves in the hot summer days.

The time recommended to consume this alive liquid is before eating, with a normal temperature when the body is ready to digest it, in a better way. Even animals reveal the benefits from the Aqua of life and use it for bathing, healing, and drinking, like all other creatures around ice melting areas, trusted in their instinct of healing.

Whether you like ice - protic water, there is one way to know, just prepare and try it. So, fix a day of the week, when you want to clear and refresh your body and do it.
Some structured water from melted ice is better than any other juice, that charges us with light energy, vitality and makes our life better and prolonged.