What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality

Blood is blood, right? The most fundamental nourishment for human beings, which sustains their bodies alive but with differences specified by the agents of red cells. In fact, in 1900, the Austrian scientist Landsteiner discovered the four different types - A, AB, B, O, which was a new step of the medicine development. Later, one Japanese scientist - Takeji Furukawa worked on the blood categories and introduced ''The Study of Temperament Through The Blood Type''.

15 Reasons Why You Should Eat Cherries

In the early summer, some of the most commonly eaten fruits are cherries. Most of us just like to eat these delicious red balls, and can not suppose how beneficial they are for our health. In spite of their size, they are rich in many vitamins, minerals, including vitamin A, B, C and P, and very rare substances and antioxidants.
Because of the all beneficial effects on the body and the total strengthening that we receive, cherries are highly valued in Eastern medicine, and included in the list of the healthiest foods.
There are more than 15 reasons that we should know - Why cherries are healthy for us?

How to Prepare Your Natural Repellent at Home

Do you like bugs? Who likes them? In the coming hot season, mosquitoes, flies, and mites are everywhere, and our half-naked body is an easy prey for all of them. In recent years, the population of mosquitoes has increased and become dangerous for our health. As a result, some people even avoid going out in this pleasant time. Certainly, everybody wants to stay outdoor without worries and has the best protection for the body.