4 Ways To Rewire Your Brain And Cultivate Happiness

Have you ever known someone, who could see only the good in every situation? What will happen, if more people could see the life on its good side? Despite the difficulties, which we face every day, we can indeed embrace a happy lifestyle. There is a fake assumption that our happiness is determined by external factors, but the truth is in how our brain can perceive the life. Mostly, it depends on our mind and our ability to rewire it, so to cultivate a happier reality. Our brain is like an old dog which expects new tricks, that can really create its happiness.

Why You Should Never Throw The Seeds Of Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most desired fruit in the summer heat, and when we talk about it, we rarely mention the health benefits of its seeds. While we enjoy eating this sweet refreshing fruit, we usually discard the tiny pips scattered in it. Most of us are just accustomed to spitting them out, but if you know their nutritional value, you will change this habit. It is not necessary to eat them straight from the fruit. Once dried, roasted and shelled, they can take the place of the unhealthy snack. A long time ago, people from Africa and Asia added them to their healthy menu, because they discovered their health benefits.
What you should know about these seeds? Why you should not throw them?

The Healing Powers Of The Sand Are Revealed

Going to the beach is not just a summer invitation for swimming and sunbathing, but a pleasurable offer from the sand to heal your body. You will never love the beach without this fluffy stuff, which can boost your health. There are more health benefits of burying in the sand than you expect. The healing with sand is a very old method which was applied by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, proved in balancing the human mind and body.

Why can sand heal our body?