Can Bird Songs Heal Our Mind and Body

Who enjoys the songs of the warblers outside in the spring? Can you imagine if the parks or the forests were completely quiet? Only those who want to listen to the musicians of nature will know the effect of their songs.

How Your Daily Shower Can Restore Your Health

How was your shower yesterday? How did you take it - with hot or cold water? Easy to guess, most of you do it automatically and just want to wash up their body, so to be fresh and clean. Yes, take a douche, but let it be contrasting!
In fact, behind the pleasure of contact with pure water, our mind and body can completely quit of daily work and stop thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. Such a perfect way to wake up every day and stay in the present. Certainly, this kind of bathing could be a healthy habit, which helps you free your mind from the bugs and allows to restore your body health.

Several Seconds Sun Watching Can Change Your Life

Since ancient times the sun has been associated with an extraordinary divinity, which power is still the greatest source of energy and life. But, actually, what is the role of the biggest light for Earth and human beings? Perhaps without it, we should live in the darkness and life would be completely different for every creature on the planet. Nothing could replace the importance of this luminary, which rays have not only a healing effect on our body but also contributes to the evolution of human beings.